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July started out with many opportunities to help our poor elderly and those in need. JetBlue airlines donated two round trip tickets for travel from Quito to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and back to Quito – value at least $700. Raffle tickets will be available within the near future.

JetBlue also donated walking canes and we previously had some sunglasses. It was like Christmas this month for our elderly – receiving canes and glasses. It was so much fun.

Our local band TIME performed in an auditorium with amazing energy. Over 120 tickets were sold and everyone had a great time. A nice donation was given to Place of Hope.

Medical Assistance

We helped several of our elderly this month with their medical problems. Our two volunteer doctors check the elderly when they can fit it in to their busy schedules. As mentioned in the past, one of our elderly men needs treatment at the local hospital once a month and a prescription. Thank you for your generosity that allows us to continue this service.

One of our elderly women needed a cream/prescription for an open sore. We paid for the prescription and her follow up care.

new shoes and cane!Just last week, our doctor prescribed a lift in a shoe to help an elderly man walk without hip pain. This shoe lift will assist in his posture. We gave him a cane and he has new shoes. Much joy for him!

The Gift of Taking Action

These might sound like little things to you, but it is so important for these people to know by ACTION that we really care for them with love and compassion. Situations come up beyond our help in their personal lives and we try to get someone to stop by their home and check that they are okay.

A 90-year-old woman is living with family members but Is very isolated. Her friend brings breakfast each morning from our kitchen. The 90 year old was coming for breakfast; however the walk is too much for her and she gets confused. These are just a few stories that I am sharing with you.

Sincere Thanks

I know I can sound like a broken record asking for donations – no matter how small. Every dollar gets used for Place of Hope and there are no administrative fees – we are all volunteers. You are very much appreciated for your donations.

Now the serious side…

We are in the process of renewing our agreement with the government for another year – who knows after that?

We have the possibility for land to build our own facility. The land would be a gift but contingent upon us raising a minimum of $30,000 to erect a building. We have a volunteer architect who is Ecuadorian and bi-lingual and he would design a building to meet our needs. We pray that there could be a benefactor to meet this challenge.

Ecuador Project Hope, under the guidelines of the Global Help Foundation located in Florida, has given us the opportunity to serve the poor elderly people of Cotacachi, Ecuador.

We appreciate your continued support and may you be blessed abundantly.

Micky Enright,
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

If you would like to designate your donation to a particular item please indicate.  No donation is too small and deeply appreciated. Tax receipts are available.

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Lulie July 30, 2017

Micky and the incredible people who serve at Place of Hope,
It will have been 3 years , in September, since the kitchen for the elderly began at the Indigenous community center with a simple breakfast for the elderly in Cotacachi. It is so wonderful amamzing and beautiful to see how much has been done in more love, care and assistence to the elderly here; it has so expanded and increased in every way. Im so very proud and happy for the servers and people who have dedicated their time and resources without hesitation, to make this work and service continue to bloom!
What a blessing the people here are , and the elderly are such loving appreciative kind people , little angels all! Thank you for being here!

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