Why I Created Sam’s Surprise

As the mother of 6 children I became accustomed to surprises in all areas of raising a large family. Four boys and two girls kept each day filled with humor (it was easier to laugh than cry) drama (the hamster died), intrigue (where is your little brother?) and you did WHAT?

Time passes and I am the grandmother of 12 children and 2 great grandchildren. Looking back on life experiences, I was inspired in a flash to create a children’s story. Sam’s Surprise to our family just happened without warning! This story will help young children develop recognition of numbers and colors along with the humor of a busy home.

I am writing a second children’s book under the “Little Red Farm House” series and plan to continue writing these short, colorful stories.

I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to Florida over 30 years ago. I have one sister also living in Florida. Writing has always intrigued me and my first major attempt was at age 17. I entered a national essay contest advertised on our black and white television and won over 15,000 entries. The reward was a visit to New York and Washington DC for the Christmas Holidays.

SamEisenhower was President and I was honored to attend the lighting of the White House Christmas tree and privileged to meet many dignitaries. I was escorted by my parents, sister and a school teacher for this exciting tour of Washington DC and invited to many special events.

Sam’s Surprise has been well received by friends, family and many the many travelers I have met in the US and Ecuador. The photo above was taken in Cotacachi Ecuador during a book signing with a few of my friends and my daughter.

Take a few moments to visit Sam’s Page... or just click on the image to discover how to acquire your very own copy of Sam’s Surprise. Thank you for spending a few minutes with us on our website and best wishes for 2010 – Micky