Volunteers Matter: April 2018

Medical Volunteers for Project Hope

Ecuador Project Hope Volunteers

I want to thank everyone that responded to my request for funds in the last update.

Your response has taken care of our May expenses. We appreciate your continued support of Place of Hope which feeds between 45 and 65 people breakfast five days a week.


Easter was a wonderful celebration that was placed in the March update because it fell on April 1st.

April News:

Dr. Patricio and Nurses visited on April 19th.

He was surprised to see a new examination table that one of our Nurses had custom made. It certainly made doctors life easier compared to a patient sitting in a plastic chair to be examined. If any of you are coming from the US or Canada, we are in need of over the counter vitamins such as B complex, good quality C, folic acid, Iron, glycerin in drops, ibuprofen tablets 200 mg and multiple vitamins.

Our people receive a vitamin each morning with their breakfast so we go through many vitamins.

Volunteers from Canada

A group of Canadian dentists and technicians arrived on Monday the 30th for 4 days. They used a community building in one of our Indigenous villages and treated at least 100 people per day. They welcomed us to bring people from Place of Hope to be examined. My usual driver has an open back truck and another tour driver with a van, arrived at Place of Hope around 9am on Wednesday, and off we went.

Fourteen of our elderly were treated – tooth pulling, cavities filled, cleaning and whatever else was needed. An optometrist also was available and performed eye exams. It was a busy, long day, but a wonderful service was provided and in a very efficient manner. Thank you Canadians for this wonderful service you provided.

Solid Rock Resale Shop

Place of Hope re-sale shop is doing well and making a profit each week. We are always in need of clothing, shoes, kitchen appliances and anything we can sell. All proceeds go to Place of Hope. One of our volunteers who is having medical problems still took the time to provide us with 50 potted plants that he put together from his garden. They were a huge success and people have been asking if we still have some to sell next Thursday.

We are open at the Solid Rock Plaza on Thursday from 9am to around noon. If you are in this area, please stop by. We also accept items during this time.

Join us for the Annual Pancake Breakfast

Our annual Pancake Breakfast will be on Saturday, June 2nd. Great food, raffle prizes and music by TIME for your enjoyment. Hope you join us for that special day. See the flyer below for more information.


Again, thank you for your support over the years and may you continue to remember us in your donations. This service is needed for our elderly and has helped many lives. It is not just food, but much love is given from our volunteers and returned ten-fold from our elderly. The medical care is consistent and on a monthly basis. Our Nurses are available for any necessary follow up. We are truly blessed with caring, loving people serving.

As always
Micky and the volunteers

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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