School Playground Improvements

Great news….  The lunchroom has been painted inside and outside.

The School Playground area has been cleaned up by the parents and also around the school.   We are still in need of safe playground equipment.  The parents are clearing ground at the back of the school to plant and organic garden.   The Municipality left pressure cleaning equipment for the school and I have a team of volunteer painters.


new area

It is still amazing to me how fast my small foundation has grown and what it has accomplished.  I am truly blessed with my volunteers, financial  help  and the eagerness of friends that I have made since living in Cotacachi.  Many people find me on the internet and come for a few days to help and then to explore Ecuador.

Here is a perfect example…

Two Physicians from Oregon arrived in July to give physicals to a mountain indigenous village – never to Ecuador before.  Love and compassion continues to grow beyond my expectations – there is a power beyond me that manifests all that is necessary.

If you would like to join us for a few days to experience a new adventure in humanity with the children of these villages in Ecuador, please contact me to find out how you can make that happen.  And remember… one person can make a difference.

Children dancing at the Inti Rami Fiesta.

Read more about the Inti Rami Fiesta here.


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Ursule August 1, 2011

Great, Micky.I do admire you so much with all your energy doing this project.
Stay in contact and have a good time

Love Ursula

Norma Herrmann August 13, 2011

As always, Micky, I am so impressed with everything your Project Hope has accomplished..

Best regards..

Dee Edwards August 29, 2011

God Bless you and all the volunteers! I am so proud of you… Shows how much one persons drive and passion can spread and achieve BIG things.

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