The Joy Of Christmas Shoes

A special donation was made from a family living in Paris to purchase 85 pairs of shoes for our young pre-school children under the age of 5.  The teachers sent us a list of names and shoe size for the boys and girls.

On December 20, 21 and 22 my expat friends of Ecuador Project Hope gathered and we rode on a school bus to our destinations.  Much excitement when we arrived in three different communities and distributed shoes and treats to the children.  A family on Holiday came with their two young boys and shared in the excitement.

It is the custom to serve an Ecuadorian meal to say thank you.  The Indigenous people do not have much in the material world but always want to share food.  They live close to Mother Earth, have small homes, chickens, pigs, cows and always a garden.   A typical meal is a little chicken or beef, corn on the cob and flat beans with a little salad.

Each school served us a meal and had small gifts for each one of us – a very moving experience for all.  Lots of laughter while games were played.  Musical chairs, tomato game (2 people with a tomato on their foreheads and dancing trying not to lose the tomato). Eating contest and walking with a raw egg on a spoon held in your mouth. Simple fun that made the children giggle with glee as the adults played the games.

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I Hope you enjoyed the photos.  They were taken at three different schools.  Agualongo school is the first school to be completed through your generous donations.  The children are eating at their new dining room table.

Morochos is the second school – a well kept yellow building and they had a Santa Claus.  They are in need of books and school supplies.  Some have been supplied.

Morales Chupa is our target school.  It is in serious need of repairs and not really safe for these young children in its present condition.

Ecuador Project Hope has enough funds to start repairs – the roof is the first challenge.  The children will be moved into a community building until the repairs are finished.  Estimated cost is around $6,000 with the parents doing the work.

Hopefully the Municipality will supply some of the materials.  We need a bathroom, divider walls, tile for the floors, 2nd exit door, new roof and the little nursery for the babies needs improvements.  The children need a concrete area outside because when it rains is it a real mess.   Also, they desperately need school supplies and a dining table.  We did add a refrigerator recently so that the teachers didn’t have to keep taking the perishables home each day.

Thank you for your help in the past year.

Please remember that a small donation goes a long way in making improvements for these children in Ecuador.

If you’re able to contribute in any way in this new year… your help is very welcome and certainly heartfelt by the villagers.




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Carol January 3, 2012

Good for you, Micky. You are still rolling along.
Must be very gratifying for you to be able to
help so many children. Congratulations!
Carol & Bill

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