The Fun of a Surprise Visit!

Morales Chupa Pre-School Surprise Visit

On June 18th we visited the Morales Chupa Indigenous pre-school.

A friend Deb from Florida was visiting with me and took all the photos.  Merlin is our bottom cover man (diapers) and has been providing diapers for the 10 children in diapers on his visits.  Another friend Deb also accompanied us and had a wonderful time reading stories to the children in Spanish.

There were 21 children in school and it was breakfast time.  These little ones are just adorable and love having company spend a little time with them.

I am very grateful for all your donations and time in accomplishing the completion of this school.  As you can see the happy faces of the children and the teachers.

Calling All Expats!

Giving love and time is very rewarding.   Why not give an hour?… About a 15 minute taxi ride to the school.  Cost is $6 round trip and could easily be shared by 2 or 3 people one time per week.

I hope there are some expats who would like to donate their time once a week just to be with the children and help out.  There is a lot of bottom changing…….   These little ones need some attention as the teachers and cook are kept very busy.


Love is Giving of yourself to the less fortunate.

As always,

Micky Enright, Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

PS  – Please note our new project  –  a soup kitchen to feed the poor.  More information to follow.  We hope to open the middle of July.    A donation of any size is deeply appreciated . Will keep you informed as to volunteer help.

Read more about the Soup Kitchen


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