Service, Generosity and Gratitude Abound

August 2018 Update:

August was another busy month.

We are in the process of forming an Ecuadorian Foundation that will permit us to continue the use of the government owned buildings for a longer term, eliminating the need to renew each year.

The first building is used to feed our poor elderly a nutritious breakfast. The second building is for our medical service provided by an Indigenous Doctor who is trained in Western and Chinese medicine. We have two local nurses who assist him.

Photos show our people being treated with Chinese medicine.

The people were thrilled to receive eyeglasses – one man said “I can see!” We are very blessed with the donations from JetBlue airlines as an ongoing donor.

Thursday is shower day. A clean set of clothing is given to those who take a shower. The following photo shows two happy people after their shower.

If you are coming to Cotacachi from the States, we appreciate any supplies that you could provide, such as vitamins. We are always in need of clothing for our breakfast people.

Men’s underwear, socks and shoes are a high priority for both men and women – women sizes 5 and 6 and men sizes 7 to 8.

RUMOR IS: the wife of the President of Ecuador is aware of our existence and plans to make a visit to Place of Hope. She is up to date on our service to the poor elderly and is impressed. We will keep you posted as this is quite an honor.

Gratitude and Service

Recently I celebrated my 82nd birthday and brought a large birthday cake to share with our poor elderly. One of our women, having breakfast, stood up and made a speech in Spanish and the people all clapped. Since I am still learning Spanish I did not understand what she said. I was in tears with the person who spoke, once it was translated to me.

She said, “We eat because of the generosity of your volunteers.” The volunteers on site that morning were overwhelmed. A simple meal and what it means to so many.

We serve breakfast, Monday thru Friday, averaging 45 to 65 people. For some it is the only meal of the day. We learned this when the Doctor gave out vitamins or homeopathic meds that were to be taken later in the day with food. Many did not have food. We provided them a little snack to take home.

We have a goal to make a carry-out second meal. Your continued donations will help to accomplish this goal. Several live on park benches, as we have no facility to house anyone. This could be a dream for the future – however, one step at a time.

JetBlue and Generosity

JetBlue Airlines has continued to support Place of Hope. Just this week, they sent a truck from Quito with medical supplies, prescription eyeglasses and baby strollers. Our thrift shop has been successful, and these baby strollers will bring in additional funds. We are able to sell at a very reasonable price that helps the Indigenous and Ecuadorian parents to have some special items for their young children.

JetBlue has supported us for several years and donated free plane tickets that we were able to raffle. Service is their motto on the ground or in the air, and I can personally attest to that statement.

Of course we are open to donations that we can sell, and have a free pick-up service.

For additional information contact Mary Grover at

La Banda TIME is a local band with wonderful musicians. After every performance a portion is donated to Place of Hope. This is deeply appreciated. They will perform again the last Saturday of this month.

Gardening With Pride

As you can see from the photos, our garden is doing great. The people that are able to do labor have worked very hard to accomplish a beautiful garden that will produce corn and vegetables that our Indigenous cooks add to the scrambled eggs.

We are planning a Minga for the end of this month or the first part of October. That is a time our volunteers work with the people, who eat at the kitchen, and are able to help. It will be heavy cleaning for our buildings and hopefully some painting that is needed. A special lunch is served to all who are involved as a thank you.

We appreciate all the donations that we receive through PayPal and hope you will continue to give from your heart. There are no administration fees and we are all volunteers. You are welcome to visit or offer your time in serving.

As always, Micky
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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