September 2019 News at Place of Hope

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Jet Blue Ticket Raffle

The raffle draw for two sets of Jet Blue airline tickets was held on Thursday, September 26th at Eddy’s Cafe Rio Intag.  370 tickets were sold!

Congratulations to the two winners, R. Teaver and S. Korff.  They have been contacted by email and Jet Blue will get in touch to activate their tickets. 

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser.  Thanks to you, we raised enough money to provide breakfasts at our soup kitchen for the next 3 months! 

You are all very generous and we greatly appreciate it.

JetBlue has told us this will be a continuing event on their part in order to support the Soup Kitchen, so we look forward to doing this again in a few more months.

Gardening Minga

Our morning diners went into the newly plowed field behind the kitchen this morning to plant a new crop of corn.  They do this twice a year, and the vegetables they plant are harvested by them when the crops are ready and used in their breakfasts.  The corn is planted first, and as the stalks grow, beans will be planted next to them to climb the stalks for a bean harvest as well.

The photos, taken by our volunteer Janet Nurum, show them at work, and they obviously enjoyed themselves as they talked and laughed with each other. 

The people worked hard for about an hour before breakfast was served, and had the entire field planted in that time.  Here they are, enjoying a well-earned breakfast.

We appreciate your continued help for Place of Hope.  The people that we serve every day are very grateful for the help we are able to provide them, thanks to your donations.

As always,

Micky Enright

And the Place of Hope Volunteers

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