Poorest of the Poor Suffer Disabilities

I wanted to share this story with you…

My taxi driver Fernando asked me to accompany him last week to see this sad situation.  We drove to a location that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

There I met a young woman and four people she cared for. These people are the forgotten – they have no names or identification and have intellectual disabilities.

This beautiful young woman has taken them into her unfinished home and is caring for them with her brother.   Her story, told to us in Spanish, stated that as she was clinically pronounced dead, she had a vision.  A deceased family member came to her and said she was to help the poor.

She is caring for these 4 destitute people under very sad conditions. They cook, with very little equipment, in a building that has a dirt floor.  Sometimes they put a large pot on an open fire to save the cost of propane gas.

The positive thing is that they have some decent food.  I saw chickens in the yard, guinea pigs (eaten in Ecuador) and pigs.  A large corn field was next door.

The only facilities for bathing are outside over a concrete basin. There is no running water, and bath water must be heated over the stove.  They sleep on cots in the lower level of the house.

Each one has little jobs assigned to them.  The crippled man you see hugging me in the photo is the dishwasher.  These unfortunate people were very happy to have a little human attention.

Amazingly, the number one item requested is a fence to keep these people from wandering!  Since they cannot speak clearly, when they wander away and disappear, they are very hard to find.

Thank you for allowing me to share this story and photos

As always and wishing you many blessings.

 – Micky

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