Place of Hope – January 2017

Place of Hope
It has been an exciting 2016 for Place of Hope in serving breakfast to our poor elderly.

We moved in to our present location in May and have accomplished much due to your generous donations. We have two separate buildings. The kitchen/serving building can seat up to 60 people. Our second building can take additional people as the numbers fluctuate on a daily basis.   Our dedicated volunteers do a great job in serving the needs of these elderly poor.

Hot showers have become popular and we can also offer a change of clothing when available. We are always in need of used clothing for women and men. We can only accept clothing donated within Ecuador.

Goal Setting for 2017

Our primary goal in 2017 is to have part of the second building available for medical check-ups by two local volunteer doctors. We also hope to accomplish eye examinations as many of the elderly people have cataracts and poor vision.

Needs to accomplish our goal:

  1. Divide one section of the room for privacy – require curtain material and a rod
  2. Small table or desk for the doctor- under $50
  3. 10 more plastic chairs – $8 each
  4. Steel cabinet with lock to secure medical supplies and to store medical records (approximately $150)
  5. 5 sets of Indigenous clothing at $30 per set – includes, blouse, inner and outer skirt, shawl and belt
  6. A seamstress to alter donated clothing of men’s jackets, trousers, blouses etc. – nominal fee

Plans for Fundraising:

  1. We are looking into setting up a raffle with nice prizes.
  2. Creative knitting and crocheting by the elderly. The proceeds from the sales are extra income for the person who has made the item. We need yarns for these projects.

Attached are photos of items that are already made. They are in Florida and can be ordered by sending me an email at

REMINDER: All funds received through sales go directly to the person who made the item. This gives them some earned cash for their labor. Buyers to pay postage.

Prices of Current items:

  • Large afghan: $60
  • Doily with embroidered indigenous women on the edge: $20
  • Two lilac scarves: $15
  • Two white scarves with blue flower: $18
  • Two scarves – one is pure white and the 2nd scarf with blue trim: $15 (no photo)
  • Red and white doily: $10
  • Smaller dark edged doily: $5

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous 2017, a year filled with achieving your desires.

As always,

Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

Ecuador Project Hope
Ecuador Project Hope is operated under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation a non-profit located in Naples, Florida

If you would like to designate your donation to a particular item please indicate.  No donation is too small and deeply appreciated. Tax receipts are available.

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