Place of Hope: February 2017

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Feeding and Caring for the Poor Elderly              

Much has happened since the January update.

We received funds to purchase a metal cabinet for medications, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff plus general items for our doctors. Two local doctors have committed to serving twice a month. One of our volunteers is putting up the privacy curtain for the doctors and patients.

Clothing and showers

One generous donation allowed us to purchase 5 Indigenous outfits at $40 each. Four women received new Indigenous outfits after their showers. Enjoy the attached photos of the people in their new outfits – especially this 89 year old before and after. 

ecuador project hope

Several men received new underwear, socks and pullover shirts. The man with the suit jacket and holding up new trousers is very happy. Our seamstress will shorten the trousers. One of our volunteers brought 50 shower bags so each person will have their own shampoo, wash cloth, comb, nail clippers, soap and toothbrush.

Some used clothing was donated for men and women, as you can see in the attached photos. If you are coming to Cotacachi or live in Cotacachi we are always in need of used clothing in sizes medium and small, and shoes for women in sizes 5 to 6 ½ or men’s shoes sizes 7 to 8.

Continuing needs

We still require some necessary items from our January list:

5 more Indigenous outfits at $40 each

10 plastic chairs at $8 each

We have some small tables that need new tops – probably $4 to $5 each to replace the tops. Our volunteer will do the work. The Indigenous people are quite small and these tables are perfect for them.

Small desk for the doctors- $50

Our monthly bill for food, propane gas, small repairs, etc is close to $1,000 per month. We are feeding breakfast from 50 to 60 people daily, and also provide some carryout for people that cannot walk to the kitchen.

You can designate your donation to a particular item. For example, one donor paid for the medical cabinet with $240 through PayPal.

March fundraising

Plans are being made to do a fundraising in March.   This event will be held at a local restaurant with a band. We hope to have prizes to raffle. Details will be provided in the March newsletter.

Please look at the January newsletter with items to be purchased in Florida. Our Indigenous women have made everything and money from sales goes directly to the person who made the item.

Remember, no donation is too small. The attached photos tell the story of how your donations are used. We appreciate your support over the past years and look forward to your continued help.

We love our volunteers

We have a wonderful group of volunteers who care for and love these people. Our two breakfast cooks, Indigenous mother and daughter, have much compassion and love for these people. On Thursdays after breakfast they assist with the showers, which is a big job. This past Thursday 6 people had showers and the number is increasing.

As you are aware, there are no administration fees and all donations are used for our continued service. Wishing you many Blessings for 2017.

Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

Ecuador Project Hope
Ecuador Project Hope is operated under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation a non-profit located in Naples, Florida

If you would like to designate your donation to a particular item please indicate.  No donation is too small and deeply appreciated. Tax receipts are available.

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