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April 2017 Food Kitchen

As most of you know, we had a pancake breakfast on March 25th for fundraising. It was a success and details will follow towards the end of the month.

My friend who helps me with updating and sending out the monthly newsletter has created this video. Turn up your speakers, and enjoy!


Before breakfast, the people form a circle to exercise and dance to a little music. They enjoy this part of the morning. Then as they line up for breakfast, they are given a vitamin and then are seated for their morning meal.

The meal consists of either hard boiled or scrambled eggs, cheese, a roll, a couple pieces of fruit and some hot “colada” (made with oatmeal, milk, sugar, and some fruit and herbs). Many of these people have walked 1 – 2 hours to come for breakfast! It is a time for socializing and making new friendships, for a day that otherwise would be without any human contact.

With our fundraising, we anticipate expanding our program. We hope to get our volunteers to prepare sandwiches with a piece of fruit as a carry-out for a second meal of the day. We are also working on getting some extra volunteers to start a small craft program. All hand-made items by the women that attend the food kitchen are sold to get them some extra income.

Next week we have a volunteer massage therapist who would like to work with some of our people who have arthritis or chronic pain. Our volunteer doctors will help them with mild medications.

If you would like to volunteer at our kitchen, please send me an email at . If you are coming from out of Ecuador, we would appreciate an email if you would be willing to bring a few items, such as used clothing, shoes, underwear, socks, etc.

There are no administration fees with our program – all donations go directly to helping the needs of the poor.

We appreciate your continued support, and wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous year.

As always,

Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

Ecuador Project Hope
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