The Elderly Forgotten Folks of Cotacachi

102Have you ever been cold and lonely? And wondered if you could find a warm, dry place to rest your weary body come nighttime?

Have you ever been hungry but wondered where your next meal would come from? Did you ever just feel you wanted a hug but no one was there for you?

In the hustle bustle of our every day life we often forget others do not enjoy the same comforts most of us take for granted. Even in the small town of Cotacachi in the highlands of Ecuador older less fortunate folks have been forgotten and left to fend for themselves.

Their bed tonight will be where ever they can find a spot in a cornfield or a cardboard box. If they are fortunate enough to find a small deserted shack, it will be without cooking or bathroom facilities. If they are close to a river they will bathe in cold water.  A change of clothes is a rare treat.

The Pan del Cielo, our current project, is doing it’s best to change all that, and volunteers offer these forgotten folks a hot meal or two to help nourish their needs. The soup kitchen is a work in progress and funding is challenging even the hardest working volunteers.

Every single day there are between 25 and 30 hungry people at our soup kitchen door. Two elderly gentlemen walk 3 hours round trip hoping to get one hot meal today.

The Good News…

An addition to our building includes a shower and bathroom.  The elderly are now experiencing a hot shower, shampoo for their hair, and occasionally a change of clothing.

A recent donation bought new underwear for all the men and women.  Basic needs going unfulfilled are hard to imagine.  Volunteers launder what these folks are wearing because we are unable to fund replacement clothes for them at this time.  It is one of our goals.

More Good News!

34 elderly people came to the soup kitchen for lunch Christmas Eve Day.  Volunteers served a wonderful special meal, from chicken to dessert. We distributed small gifts and a few personal items to each person, soap, washcloth and combs.

Alpaca scarves for warmth were given to each person.  Traditional cookies (similar to animal crackers) and a small amount of candy was added to their gift bag.

Who knows when they last received a gift…

The heartfelt gratitude and ambiance of music, prayers, tears and hugs will long be remembered as an emotional high for volunteers and old folks alike who shared this unforgettable experience.

Do You Care to Contribute?

Ecuador Project Hope operates the Pan del Cielo (soup kitchen) on a shoestring budget and we can only continue through your genuine caring to keep it afloat. We take no administration fees whatsoever from the contributions we receive so your donations go straight to where they are needed most – to these elderly forgotten folks.

How Can I Contribute?

Volunteer – If you live in this area you can offer to help us at our soup kitchen.

Donate Supplies – Contact Micky Enright to find out what is needed and where to deliver it.

Donate Funding – Adopt a Street Person and know in your heart they will be fed for another week.

Our food budget is rapidly dwindling and your support will make a difference in the lives of these folks  Only $2.00 a day insures a hot meal for breakfast and lunch for one person.

4 Popular Options for Donations

$14.00 – One week of hot meals for one person
$28.00 – Two weeks of hot meals for one person
$42.00 – Three weeks of hot meals for one person
$56.00 – One Month of hot meals for one person

Thank you caring and sharing to add a little comfort to the lives of others.

Please Remember:

Contributions of any size are appreciated and you do make a difference!

As always, thank you and blessings.

Micky Enright
Founder of Ecuador Project hope

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Christy Sumner April 8, 2017

Planning on coming to Cotacachi in July 2017. Would like to move to area by end of November. I want to get involved in service and I will be contacting you.

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