New Projects, Volunteers and Gardens…

Braiding Help Soles

January was a busy month of activities for our elderly people .   We have a garden with fresh vegetables  for our scrambled eggs  that is really being enjoyed. 

Those who are able, have been working in the garden. We also are growing corn in abundance – some will be for the kitchen and the rest sold or given to an Indigenous community.


Our Garden with Corn for the Kitchen and the Community

Doctors visited our people in January and medical charts were made to help with their problems.  Doctors will arrive again this month and we have a full supply of medical equipment for checking ear problems, temperatures and blood sugar.

visiting doctors

Volunteer Doctors Helping in Cotacachi

Again, everything donated by generous people from the US.  We have four Nurses who assist with these visits and also serve in feeding breakfast.  We are very fortunate and appreciate all who are involved.

The Start of a New Project

For those who are interested and capable, they have been taught to make soles for Indigenous shoes and will be paid.  Twenty people were braiding as I left the kitchen.  The soles are made from hemp and a new challenge.   There was a lot of excitement as they were working. 

Braiding Hemp Soles

Hemp Braided into Soles for the Indigenous shoes

Two Indigenous women received new clothing after showers last week.  They were very happy and grateful.  Also, some of our men received some socks, pullovers and trousers that were donated.

Gratitude for the Donated Clothing for Men and Women

Coming up on Saturday  March 24th   will be our annual Pancake Breakfast for fundraising at Place of Hope.   La Banda TIME will perform during breakfast at no charge. Last Years’ Pancake Breakfast was a huge success. It will be bigger and better on March 24th.  Details soon…

la banda TIME

La Banda TIME Donates a Portion of Proceeds to A Place of Hope

On January 27th  La Banda TIME  performed at La Tola Restaurant and will continue on the last Saturday of each month.  It was a wonderful evening of dancing and just having fun.  La Banda TIME always donates a portion of their income to Place of Hope food kitchen.

As of today, February 2nd, we will be holding a rummage sale starting on February 15th and all proceeds will benefit Place of Hope.   The merchandise has been donated and we have an enclosed storefront for display.    Location for you local people is at the Solid Rock Plaza that is very active on Thursdays with an assortment of veggies, homemade bread, bagels along with many food items and handmade crafts. 

A great place to get breakfast or lunch at the Coo Coo’s Nest and a new restaurant that will be opening.   We expect to be open on Thursdays and Sundays in the mornings – from 9am to noon.  Hope to see you… 

Micky Enright
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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