Morales Chupa Preschool

November Update: Morales Chupa

During the first week of November visitors from the US brought stuffed toys and books in an extra suitcase.    There are 25 children under the age of 5 and several  toddlers attending the Morales Chupa preschool.   Each child received a soft cuddly toy and there was much excitement for the children.   The children sang and danced for us in the classroom.  A very warm experience for everyone.

Much work has been completed at this small school.  A new swingset was built by one of our local expats.  The school has very happy children and it is now a safe, healthy environment.

We are always in need of school supplies.  Books in Spanish, crayons and puzzles.  Gym shoes would be appreciated, as they are quite expensive here.  They can be purchased in second hand stores in the US and are a bargain.

I  recently  returned from Floridaafter visiting my adult children and grandchildren.  I brought shoes and toys for a local Indigenous family.  They have 4 boys and I am godmother to the two year old.  Children’s items are quite expensive and not the quality you can find in the US or Canada.

If you will be visiting Cotacachi we would be very thankful for anything you can bring in a suitcase.   I certainly would take you to the school or to another non- profit organization that takes in abused children and orphans.

Many of the Indigenous children do not receive gifts at Christmas.   Funds are necessary to purchase some small items for each child to receive a gift.  Ecuador Project Hope also supports giving bags of candy and cookies to children living high up in the mountains.  Last Christmas we shared over 200 bags.

Your help from the past is deeply appreciated and I know that you will continue to be supportive. All donations are used for the charity work and there are no administrative fees.

Thank you and Blessings.

Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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