Morales Chupa Preschool – Update

Some friends from Texas visited me in March and brought a large suitcase filled with clothes, shoes, toys and some books and crayons.  Of course, these young children are always excited to have visitors.  They were played with, read stories and had some snacks that we brought.

The government now has established a program for feeding the children.  Food is brought in by vehicles, already cooked, and fed to the children.  Meals do look nutritious and there is a healthy portion given to the children.

Also, a local expat has built a sturdy swing set out of wood that will be very safe for these little ones.  The set is not yet completed but will be in the near future.

Sorry to say, many photos were taken but somehow lost.  Please check a previous story on the website to see the progress that has been made in completing this school.

The main needs at this time are books in Spanish, crayons, coloring books and anything geared to children under the age of 5.  Of course, clothing is always appreciated, as parents do not make more than minimum wage of around $340 per month.  Most work more than 8 hours a day for the same pay.

Please check the Ecuador Project Hope site for previous stories on Morales Chupa school.

Again, thank you for all the help that has been given over the last few years. As you are aware, Ecuador Project Hope is a small organization and we depend on your donations.  There are no administration fees and all donations go directly to the cause.


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