Morales Chupa Pre School November Update

On November 15th a small group of expats visited our indigenous pre-school.  This school has taken a long time to complete and my Ecuador Project Hope has finished what we wanted to accomplish.

The children were having their breakfast when we appeared without notice.  The table for their meals was  made and donated by a local person just for the cost of the materials.

It did not take long for everyone to sing and dance.  What joy and excitement was shared by these young children, expats and teachers as the music played from their little boom box.

A group of doctors and nurses had visited this week and distributed vitamins, etc.  Each child was given a physical and also a dental check-up.    We were fortunate to see the bottles of liquid vitamins and any meds that were needed.

Each bottle was labeled with the child’s name and the teachers are responsible to distribute.

It is heartwarming to know there are many caring groups that come to Cotacachi from Canada and the US to serve the poor.

This school has 5 children under the age of one year old.  The nursery is delightful with a new changing table.  The cribs have been painted and have new mattresses.  A warm and cozy atmosphere.

The local Municipality is to tile the floors in the school and do a concrete play area at the front of the school.  I will let you know when this has been accomplished.

I want to say thank you to the many volunteers of this project who give of their time and love to be with the poor.

It becomes a blessing for everyone.   Your continued support is appreciated.

Click on the video to see a short slide show of our visit:


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– Micky Enright – Ecuador Project Hope Founder

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