Morales Chupa and Morochos Indigenous Pre-schools

The Photo Above Is Our Next Project – Morales Chupa

A group of my local friends made a surprise visit to Morales Chupa and Morochos Indigenous pre-schools.

What fun as we delivered new bookcases and books in memory of our dear friend John Brineman.

Visitors from the US had soccer shirts made for all the children at Morales Chupa school.  They were not able to stay for the distribution but will enjoy the photos of the children wearing their  new shirts.

Our first school Agualongo is completed due to the generosity of people like you.  Attached is a photo of the completed school.

Agualongo Pre-School

Agualongo Pre-School

A young man from the US by the name of Juan added the finishing touch to our lunchroom and purchased the floor tile.

Lunch Room With New Tiles

Also the family of John Brineman raised funds to purchase 3 custom made bookcases.  All have been delivered.

Bookcases Donated by John Brineman's Family

Morales Chupa is our next project.  The roof is in very bad shape – leaks when it rains and is weak to the point of collapse.

Morales Chupa - Our Next Project

Ecuador Project Hope needs approximately $1,500 to remove this roof and the wood supports that have rotted.

When we put on a new roof we will be able to work on the interior.

No matter how small your donation it will help us to replace this roof.  The village people will do the work under direction and the materials is what we really need at this time.  Please help us… Thank you in advance!

Blessings ~ Micky

Enjoy the photos of love and sharing with the two schools on our recent visit… then help in any way you can. 


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– Micky

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