What In The World Is A Minga?

The word “Minga” comes from the Quechua. Andean communities called the collective farm labor a service for the general welfare of the group. Minga is a working system used since the Inca times as a community service system. This system is very similar to the “barn raising” in the United States. People helping people as a service – a neat idea and should be used more in our modern society!

A Minga was called in the Agualongo community by their leaders to help install waterlines for the new bathroom and drainage from the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I visited with a group of 10 Americans to deliver school supplies and experience a Minga.

Can you believe it! Twelve women, some with children on their backs, were digging the ditches for the new waterlines. Just a lot of laughing and giggling among the women as they dug the ditches. There were other young children and dogs all in this community effort. (the men were at their jobs).

My good friend Kerry, an American, is in charge of the new bathroom. He presented 3 plans to the community and one plan was chosen. A Minga date was set for the following week. He had to scramble to get all the necessary supplies at the school and ready for installation under the guidance of his Ecuadorian Maestro – TEAMWORK.

There is more work to be done and the Minga will continue each month as we have funds. A major need right now is a refrigerator for the kitchen. The cook has to take the door off in order to get food from the fridge. The door is beyond fixing – all rusted out. The cost for a decent fridge is around $300.

I want to say thank you to the people that have made financial donations so that we can complete this work. Please visit my website: www.ecuadorprojecthope.org for ongoing updates.

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I have been living in Ecuador for 3 months and will continue to stay to see that things get completed. I’ve just started Spanish lessons – which will help a lot in communication. Email me  mickyenright@gmail.com with any questions or comments. Micky

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