Minga Means Teamwork

Our Minga was held on September 29.

Approximately thirty people were involved and the teamwork was fantastic. Our elderly breakfast people who were physically able went to work weeding our large vegetable garden. A small group spent time cleaning windows. It is a time consuming job as there are many windows in the building.

Painting the interior of our kitchen was a big objective, and was accomplished. Tables and chairs had to be moved, and by the end of the morning, our kitchen had two coats of paint and looks great. Our cooks had family members – grown children and grandchildren – help with the painting.

Two of our elderly men started painting the outside of the building, and we had them stop, as the paint is not for the outside (it was a communication problem). We did let them finish what they started. We will certainly let them continue in the future when we have the right paint.

An upcoming surprise for our people that eat at Place of Hope will be a mural done by a local artist. No details of design as yet.

Well-Earned Lunch

It was a very hot day so we kept water and snacks available. Our Indigenous mother and daughter cooks, prepared a hot lunch of chicken, rice and a special salad of potatoes with peas with a light dressing, an Ecuadorian specialty in this area.

We served the lunch in the second building, moving the tables and chairs from the kitchen so we could eat without being in the sun. Volunteers made a couple of desserts that everyone enjoyed as a special treat. It was a great day, very sunny and warm, but everything was accomplished that morning.

More Work Ahead

We will complete the second building, and get our bathroom, shower room and bodega painted. Floors were scrubbed and prepping on the walls will be done before painting.

One of our nurses, who is very creative, has ideas to make the medical building very functional and comfortable for our people waiting their turn to see the doctor. She spent two years recently in Africa, living in a small community of poverty. She sure can make something out of nothing – and surprises us with her skills.

One step at a time! 

Enjoy the photos of our Minga

I want to say ‘thank you’ for all that helped on Saturday to make this Minga a success. It was hard work and took much labor from all volunteers.

True Generosity

JetBlue, a great Airline with compassion and excellent service, has surprised us this week. They have donated two round trip tickets – each ticket is good for two people, for us to use as a fundraiser for Place of Hope. We’ll have more information in the next update for Place of Hope.


La Banda TIME has been performing a couple of times a month and helps to support our work at Place of Hope. This talented group of musicians is deeply appreciated.

More Good News

The thrift store is doing well and has definitely helped our Minga to accomplish more than usual. Any items that you are discarding may be donated to sell at our thrift store. If you are a local person, we can arrange a pick- up service or just drop off at Coo Coo’s Nest at the Solid Rock Plaza where our thrift store is located.

It appears that we are getting close to being an Ecuadorian Foundation. We will keep you posted.

Thank you for all your donations to Place of Hope. Your financial support has kept us going for several years, and is deeply appreciated. Local support for our thrift store is also deeply appreciated.

Just a reminder that we are volunteers, there are no administrative fees taken from your donations.

It is a labor of LOVE with wonderful volunteers who serve.

As always
Micky and the volunteers

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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