March News from Place of Hope

Place of Hope

It’s been another busy month for Place of Hope and feeding the poor elderly and those in need.  The two raffle winners from the tickets donated through JetBlue are making plans to arrive in Cotacachi.

We had several visitors this month from the US.  They were impressed with meeting the people at Place of Hope.  New ideas were generated and they will be helping from their home towns in the future.

We are still working with government agencies.  This has been a slow process, however, progress has been made and April we should have an update.

March highlights

A fun highlight for March was an art party.  Sixty-three people participated with two local artists who volunteered their time with this event.  Large rubber tree leaves were picked by the artist, and dried, ready for painting.   The two artists supplied all the materials. Some fantastic work was done by our elderly people.  The results are hanging in the kitchen for their pleasure.

Our Doctor arrived on March 21st with his Nurse and approximately 20 people were treated.  Our doctor will diagnose and if further treatment is needed, they are sent to a hospital in Ibarra.

People coming from the US have been very generous in bringing medical supplies.  What we cannot use is given to a couple of local hospitals that are in need.

Gardens and goodies

Our garden has been growing rapidly with the rains and the people have been shucking corn and beans that add to a very nutritious breakfast.

Place of Hope is looking forward to Easter and a special meal called fanesca – a soup made with many grains, potatoes, squash, and other wholesome foods.  Most of the ingredients will be coming from our garden.  The people who eat in the kitchen are very much involved with shucking the beans and corn for this delicious soup.  Our two cooks spend a lot of time putting this special soup together.

In April, our people here will be seeing a movie provided by the Municipality for their enjoyment.  Transportation will be provided.  A craft show will also be provided by the Municipality  – no idea what type of art.  We will share photos in the April update.

Generosity and gratitude

JetBlue also plans to visit in April with more items to donate.  Many of their donations are given to our thrift store which has been doing very well in providing extra funds to our kitchen.  Local expats have been very generous with their donations and re-sales have been beyond our expectations.  Volunteers operate the thrift store on Thursdays for three hours – it has been amazing.

All donations are appreciated, no matter how small.  We appreciate your continued help for Place of Hope.  The people that we serve every day are very grateful for the help we are able to provide them, thanks to your donations.

As always,

Micky Enright, founder of Ecuador Project Hope,

and from our wonderful volunteers

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