Ecuador Project Hope

Blessings, Parties and Generosity

What an exciting November! On November 14th, Place of Hope became an official Ecuadorian Foundation. Congratulations were held at the government office of MIES.  Many months of paperwork were required to achieve this.  Place of Hope should receive benefits from the Ecuadorian government toward helping the people we serve. Our five Board members in the […]

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Minga Means Teamwork

Our Minga was held on September 29. Approximately thirty people were involved and the teamwork was fantastic. Our elderly breakfast people who were physically able went to work weeding our large vegetable garden. A small group spent time cleaning windows. It is a time consuming job as there are many windows in the building. Painting […]

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Service, Generosity and Gratitude Abound

August 2018 Update: August was another busy month. We are in the process of forming an Ecuadorian Foundation that will permit us to continue the use of the government owned buildings for a longer term, eliminating the need to renew each year. The first building is used to feed our poor elderly a nutritious breakfast. […]

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July 2018 Ecuador Project Hope

  Place of Hope, July 2018 It’s been another busy month at Place of Hope. A group of young teenagers who were visiting their grandmothers came by and served one morning. They pitched right in, talking in Spanish to our elders, helping to serve them breakfast, and did a lot of clean up – dishes, […]

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Pancakes and Parades

May 2018 Update May and the first week of June were quite busy. Our Second Annual Pancake Breakfast was held on June 2nd.   We served 125 people and had some nice raffle prizes. El Banda TIME donated a few hours of music and included a singer. The delicious menu included pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit cup, […]

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Medical Volunteers for Project Hope

Volunteers Matter: April 2018

Ecuador Project Hope Volunteers I want to thank everyone that responded to my request for funds in the last update. Your response has taken care of our May expenses. We appreciate your continued support of Place of Hope which feeds between 45 and 65 people breakfast five days a week. Blessings Easter was a wonderful […]

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Easter tradition Fanesca soup

Easter Tradition and Celebration

March 2018 Place of Hope Update Donations are needed for Place of Hope. Donations received in February and March were not the usual income to meet a food budget of $1,100 per month. We are feeding breakfast to a minimum of 45, and up to 65 people, Monday thru Friday. Of course, Easter week was […]

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Garden of Hope

Our beautiful garden of hope is now abundant with fresh vegetables… … all planted and taken care of by our elderly, who show much pride in their achievement.  The fresh broccoli, onions, herbs and cauliflower are delicious with scrambled eggs that are served for breakfast.  Corn will soon be ready to harvest. Beans are planted […]

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Braiding Help Soles

New Projects, Volunteers and Gardens…

January was a busy month of activities for our elderly people .   We have a garden with fresh vegetables  for our scrambled eggs  that is really being enjoyed.  Those who are able, have been working in the garden. We also are growing corn in abundance – some will be for the kitchen and the […]

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Place of Hope

True Christmas Spirit, Love and Generosity

The Christmas Party at Place of Hope was a huge success! Our two Indigenous cooks at Place of Hope prepared a wonderful lunch to feed our elderly poor and those in need. We served 140 people – some arrived around 8:00am for a light breakfast and just waited for a hot lunch. Some of these […]

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