July 2018 Ecuador Project Hope


Place of Hope, July 2018

It’s been another busy month at Place of Hope.

A group of young teenagers who were visiting their grandmothers came by and served one morning. They pitched right in, talking in Spanish to our elders, helping to serve them breakfast, and did a lot of clean up – dishes, wiping tables and sweeping the floor. It is a great for the seniors to be around young people, as many are lonely.

One of our local patrons brought whole chicken dinners that were served along with their regular breakfast. Whole fried potatoes were  served with their breakfast eggs – a special treat.

Gardening Ecuador Style

July was time for planting our garden. One of our donors contributed seeds for our garden. Our people who breakfast at the kitchen started getting the land ready for planting. Two cows helped plow the field – just amazing – and people able to help were doing what they love – planting a garden.

Thrift Store Update

Our thrift store is growing rapidly and we moved into a larger storefront at the same location. We have been receiving fantastic clothing, some with great labels. Our two volunteer ladies are doing a wonderful job on Thursdays, from 9 to noon, and often people are standing in line to get in our thrift shop.

If you live in Cotacachi, we are open to receiving your good used clothing, kitchen ware and appliances, and any items that we could sell. We have room to take small pieces of furniture such as chairs, coffee tables and end tables. Items can be dropped at the Coo Coo’s Nest restaurant and will be put in our thrift store to sell on Thursdays.

Local Entertainment

TIME Band recently performed at Traveller’s family bar to a packed room. We were fortunate to hear a two new singers and a keyboard player, adding to the high energy in the room. TIME donates a percentage of income to Place of Hope.

TIME performing again!

TIME band performs again on July 28th from 6 to 8pm at La Turista. It has a large room for dancing and having fun. There is no cover charge, but we appreciate your donations. Again, a percentage is given to Place of Hope.

Health Help

The medical team has use of our second building. A wonderful doctor comes once a month. He is trained in Western and Chinese medicine. He speaks Spanish and Kichwa and is able to communicate with our people needing attention.

Generous people coming from the US and bringing an extra suitcase have provided all of the medical supplies. If you’re planning a trip here and would like to help, please contact Joyce at jsseawillow@gmail.com or Suzanne at jilly.eric134@gmail.com.

If you are a local person or coming from the US, we appreciate any donations that we can use for the thrift store, or if you’d like to visit Place of Hope please let us know.

Your next newsletter in August will have some exciting updates!

As always
Micky and the volunteers

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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