Health for the Indigenous Villages – Help Needed

Dr. Cristina Gaibor from our local hospital met with me yesterday to ask for help from the expats. Funds have been donated from the municipality, local businesses and private individuals. This is an annual event and the first time to ask for financial help as the Red Cross has no funds to offer.

There are 35 volunteer doctors arriving on Nov, 7th from Canada and the US to donate their services in the Indigenous communities for 9 days. A medical bus from Quito will accompany them to the villages.

The Doctors will stay as a group at a hosteria – cost is $50 per day for 35 Doctors inclusive of lodging and meals. The Doctors pay their own airfare, bring their own medical equipment and medicines.

The group will consist of general practitioners , dentists, proctologist, nurses, physical therapists and surgeon for light surgery. Leave for a community at 8:00am and work until 4pm.

UNORCAC and JAMBIMASCARIC sponsor this yearly event. The last meeting to organize is on Monday Oct. 31st at UNORCAC. Dr. Cristina stated that they are short $2,500 to cover expenses – the rest of the money has been donated.

Dr. Cristina is in need of translators and volunteers if you have medical knowledge or would just like to help..

This is a great opportunity for our expat community to be involved in helping the poor indigenous in their own communities. Remember, one person can make a difference.

Please contact me if you would like to make a donation or help in some way.

Blessings ,

Micky Enright

For More Information Please Contact:
Bolivar and 9 de Octubre
Cotacachi, Ecuador

Local Cell: 087558194

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Cristiina Gaibor November 18, 2011

thank you so very much to all the people who helped, everything went perfectly! the brigade was fantastic, we gave lots of people from many different communities medical attention and to all sort of different ages and sickness. From our hearts, muchisimas gracias, yupaychani!

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