Hot Running Water Beats the Cold Stream!

August: Hatu Mikui 

WOW –Indigenous and non-Indigenous  are taking hot water showers for the first time – pretty much overwhelmed with the experience. Hair washing with shampoo and bars of soap is a real treat for hatu mikui newsthese elderly forgotten people.

And it’s all possible because a generous donor purchased 15 Indigenous outfits for our Indigenous  women.

After a shower they receive a new set of clothing and we have another dear person who does the laundry of the old clothing.  Our two gentlemen received a change of clothes.  You will notice that not all people give broad smiles but please understand this is a new experience as they are used to bathing in the streams or wherever they can find water. 

hatu mikui

Hatu Mikui

Exercise and Dance Class Started

Last week one of our helpers in the kitchen started an exercise and dance class.  What fun and enjoyment for them as you can see from the photos.  We are continuing to grow and need your help to continue purchasing food to feed  35 to 50 people that arrive for breakfast.

dance class

Elderly Enjoying Exercise and Dance Class

We hope to open a one room medical facility to service these people.  It will be a small room with two doctors who will volunteer their time one morning a week.  Our acupuncture doctor checks up to 5 of our elderly people one morning a week.  They receive acupuncture, chiropractic and medical massage. 

We are meeting such wonderful people generously offering their services.

Your past support of Hatu Mikiu soup kitchen is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your continued donations of time or funds. 

In gratitude, 
Micky Enright
Founder: Ecuador Project Hope

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