Helping the Homeless – Loving is Caring

My Gratitude

Over the past couple of years Ecuador Project Hope has helped the indigenous pre-school children in Cotacachi area experience a better life as the result of your generous contributions.

So many of you have made difference in the lives of these children with your time and money to complete the Morales Chupa Indigenous pre-school. Your commitment was deeply appreciated by the children and parents of this community.

I offer my heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to all of you for your generosity.

New Project – Cotacachi Soup Kitchen

Last year our local hospital tried to provide this service. However, they did not have the kitchen facility to feed the number of people in line for a hot meal so their worthy efforts were not successful.

The need still exists and therefore presents us with an excellent opportunity to offer assistance for a Soup Kitchen. Volunteers are available to prepare the hot meals and serve the less fortunate.  I am sure we will need more help as this project progresses.

Potential Facility Located

I recently previewed a building within a few blocks of town that is an ideal situation for a soup kitchen.  Most of the building is completed and there is an area to be finished for preparing the food.  The larger building will have tables and chairs to serve the people.

There is enough land to build a shelter for the street people.

cotacachi soup kitchen

Many of these people are elderly or have a mental condition and live on the street.  I have met one man who lives in a cardboard box and that is his home for the night.  More information will be shared in the future.

I am gratified to know that the funding to complete the building and get the program started is estimated to be $2800.  That amount is achievable with your help.

Our Role with Ecuador Project Hope

Cotacachi Homeless Person

Step #1 is to complete the Soup Kitchen so meals may be served to these folks as soon as possible.

Homeless Person Cotacachi 2

Ecuador Project Hope is a small non-profit organization depending entirely on your support for facilitating these projects.   I personally distribute funds for all projects that we promote so you are assured your donations reach the intended people.

100% of your contribution goes to the cause.  Ecuador Project Hope does not take any administration fees so we are able to maximize your support to the community.

I am a resident of Cotacachi on a full time basis and personally oversee every aspect of these activities.

God Bless and thank you for your support.

– Micky Enright

YOU can make a difference…

Choose to get involved now!

You can make contributions by CHECKS payable to: Ecuador Project Hope, 2316 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, Florida 34109 USA

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– Micky Enright – Ecuador Project Hope Founder

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