Hatu Mikui Food Kitchen – February 2016 Update

Hatu Mikui

Heart Warming Story for Hatu Mikui

Young Sasha just had her 7th birthday and decided instead of gifts she asked for funds to donate to Hatu Mikui food kitchen. She raised $317.

Hatu Mikui This family visited us last summer and their two young daughters worked 5 mornings a week with Mom and Dad to serve our people breakfast. Both daughters made the commitment that on their birthdays, they wanted only gifts of funds to help feed Cotacachi’s older less fortunate forgotten folks.

They will return next summer to serve again. What a Blessing to their parents and to us.

This month we plan to offer some classes to our people having breakfast 5 days a week. Yarn was donated and knitting needles and crochet hooks have been purchased. The goal is to make items that could be sold.   This will give the individuals some income for their creativity.

Another group plans to make jewelry.   Bracelets and earrings will be created with beads. We will have a display table the beginning of March in a local area for selling their jewelry. Any funds received will go to the person who produced the jewelry.

We are looking at buildings that would provide us with a kitchen to serve two meals a day and a shelter in the building for emergency care and safety.

Just this past week, a mute 76-year-old Indigenous woman was thrown to the ground by 3 drunk men. She was robbed and traumatized and left with an injured arm. She walked to our kitchen the next morning and we took her for medical treatment.

All they could do was write a prescription for pain medicine as the hospital had none. We went to the pharmacy and filled the prescription. We do not have a facility to help in these situations.  All we could do was to make sure she got home.

She did show for breakfast the next day and was able to move her arm. She was very grateful for our help and we received many hugs. She walks for one hour to have breakfast each morning. This is not a first situation that we have encountered with the poor elderly being abused. We have several doctors willing to give of their time once we have a small medical clinic. We do have some used equipment but no place to set up.

Our main concern right now is to continue feeding anywhere from 50 to 70 people breakfast 5 days a week. The food bill is around $600 a month and we need your donations to help continue this service.

We have looked at buildings that are government owned and vacant. So far none of the buildings has met our needs to have a kitchen for serving 2 meals a day, an emergency shelter where a person could stay as long as necessary and a medical clinic with volunteer doctors to treat.

Again, thank you for your continued support of Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen.

Care to Make a Contribution Now?


You Make THE Difference

Thank You!  Your past generosity has brought us this far over the last one and one half years  and we are asking for your help again to continue this much needed project.  There are no administration fees and all donations go directly to the kitchen. 

As many of you are aware, I have lived in Cotacachi, Ecuador for 5 years and completed other meaningful projects in the past with schools for Indigenous  children under the age of 5.

These projects were completed through your generous donations. Thank you!  I couldn’t do it without you…

Ecuador Project Hope is under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation – a non- profit organization located  in Naples, Florida. 

Wishing you many Blessings,
Micky Enright, Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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