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Hatuku Mikui

Great News!

Hatuku Miki is now open 5 days a week to feed the elderly and the handicapped.  Each morning between 8 and 9am – 26 to 27 people are served breakfast. In addition, 6 deliveries of food are made to those unable to walk to the soup kitchen.

This amazing operation works well with the Indigenous helpers and our expat volunteers.   The total service is just going into its  3rd week,  and the number of people needing help continues to increase.

At this time breakfast for 30 people is approximately $65 per week.  We hope to open for lunch as soon as we can roof an existing area and get tables and chairs that can be put in storage each day. This is a bit of a primitive environment but the need continually increases.

The people that arrive are screened by the Indigenous helpers as to a name, age and where they are presently living.  Many of the people are mute or cannot communicate. All we can do is give them love and a meal.  These elderly are the forgotten people who live in the woods or sleep wherever they can find a spot. Much of their survival is begging on the street.

The meals that are being home delivered go to areas where a friend has given them a place to live with a dirt floor, no running water or bathroom facilities.  Their neighbors are able to offer some of them a place to sleep,  but not food as they are poor themselves.

Our rapid expansion  creates  the need for additional funds.

Many of you have supported Ecuador Project Hope in the past and we hope you will continue to help us in this new venture.  So far we have completed 2 Indigenous pre-schools and supported a soup kitchen last year. That soup kitchen is self sufficient at this time.

We have embarked on a new and much larger journey – for Hatuku Mikui to feed more people breakfast and lunch. This is a very positive environment –  Indigenous, Ecuadorians and expats working together to expand this project  and to serve the elderly  in as many areas as possible.

We look forward to your donations no matter how small or large, as we need the help to reach our goals.

As you are aware,  I am the founder of Ecuador Project Hope  under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation, a Florida 501-(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible.   100% of any donations are used for my Cotacachi, Ecuador projects and I receive no administration fees.

This is a Mission of Love  for me and all the volunteers.


Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

My email is mickyenright@gmail.com

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