Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen

Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen

Cotacachi – July 2015

We are still serving our elderly poor in a wonderful temporary location until our new kitchen is built at Unorcac/Jambi our original location.   We provide breakfast from 29 to 40 elderly each morning, as well as carry out for people that are ill or live too far away.

The Pastor of the building is allowing us to use the area where church services are held on Sundays. He is a person who practices what he preaches and has much compassion for our elderly.

We recently had a morning meeting at the church while the people were enjoying their breakfast. The head of Unorcac/Jambi was present, along with two volunteer Doctors and our volunteers. The head Indigenous woman of Unorcac/Jambi said that the ground has been cleared and plans for the kitchen approved by the Municipality.

Construction is scheduled to start this month.   Unorcac/Jambi is a facility run by Indigenous people for the continued welfare of the people in need.

Great News…

Unorcac/Jambi is donating a room in the existing building to set up a small clinic to take care of the elderly poor in need of medical attention. We have two local medical doctors who will donate their time one morning a week.

Also, our acupuncture doctor has continued to help our people one day a week for about the last two months. He does therapeutic massage, chiropractic adjustments , acupuncture and natural medications – many are herbs from the jungle.

The main problems of our elderly is back /spine misalignment for carrying heavy loads on their backs. Treatment has shown improvement and less pain for these poor people. Of course malnutrition is another major concern.

We are very fortunate to have these doctors donate their time on a part time basis.   We are in need of medical supplies. Rubber gloves, gauze, sutures, blood glucose kits with test strips and lancets, cotton, otoscope/ophthalimoscope, desk, chair, exam table and Vitamins(very expensive here) are all items we need.

I will be in Florida the end of August and can bring any donated medical supplies back to Cotacachi. Items can be mailed to my daughter in Florida. Please let me know if you wish to donate.

The Big Dream

Unorcac/Jambi will donate two acres of land suitable for building a shelter, medical clinic and a small restaurant to serve the poor with their needs. They already have a garden with medicinal herbs and a small lab for producing natural medicines. The Indigenous basically believe in Mother Nature and use herbs for many ailments.

This is a very large project for a small non-profit foundation like Ecuador Project Hope.   If you or someone you know would be interested in being a benefactor please have them contact me by email. Right now, donations are being used for the basics in supplying food and towards the new kitchen.   Unorcac/Jambi will match us dollar for dollar to complete this much-needed kitchen.

As mentioned before many of these elderly live under deplorable conditions, and do not get help from family members. They are the forgotten people. Many of the Indigenous families cannot support aging parents along with their own young children. Life is basically very tough for these people.

Thank you for your continued support. A receipt is always supplied for your donations.

As always,
Micky Enright

Ecuador Project Hope

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