Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen Feeds the Elderly

Cotacachi – April 2015 update

Our soup kitchen for the elderly is becoming more active and people arriving from longer distances to have breakfast.  A local newspaper the El Norte published a short story last week after they visited our project.

These are comments from some of the elderly who were interviewed.

Segundo:Thank you for breakfast”.

Maria is 60 years old and walks 2 ½  miles for breakfast:  “Thank you ‘gringos’ for this meal”.

Angelina walks one mile for breakfast:  “I do not know how old I am.  It is a Blessing to have this breakfast before going to work as it helps me to be strong”.

Rose walks a mile to have breakfast and then goes to work on a farm.  She is 62 years old and has 6 sons – none of them help her and have moved away.  She lives in a small run down house. “Gringos are good people, sometimes this is my only meal of the day”.

Soup Kitchen

These are just a few stories related to us and the hardships they face on a day to day basis are heart rendering.

We are serving between 25 and 50 less fortunate elderly breakfast from Monday thru Friday.

This gathering in the morning is their social life and they are so grateful.

We are serving them under a very stressful working condition for my 12 volunteers.

Easter Weekend Treat

Easter weekend was a special treat for these people.  A local restaurant Kimbala provided 40 breakfast meals that were served in a box.  We were able to give the people their normal breakfast in a carry out bag.  Because our facility is too small a normal breakfast is a hard boiled egg, bread roll, fruit and a hot drink.

You will notice from the photos that they were shucking fava beans  for the Indigenous  kitchen help for a meal later in the day – not for our elderly poor. These people are always smiling and happy no matter the weather.  They eat under a carport on old banquet tables.

We  need another kitchen on the property, an enclosed room for them to eat, and hot showers for bathing and a change of clothes.

The Forgotten People – Cotacachi’s Elderly

All of us take so much for granted and these elderly are the forgotten people.

I sincerely hope you will find it in your heart to make a donation of funds or offer your time as a volunteer.

Please look at the photos below of these wonderful folks enjoying Friday before Easter.

Kudos to Kimballa

Kimbala Restaurant prepared the breakfast and had it ready and packed for 7 am on that morning.  One of our volunteers drove the meals to the  kitchen.

Many of you have helped in the past and we are deeply grateful.   We look forward to your continued support.

Wishing you many Blessings.

As always,

Micky Enright
Founder, Ecuador Project Hope

Email: mickyenright@gmail.com

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