Happy New Year  

January 2016


Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen serves 60 old folks daily

Wishing you good health, peace and joy during this year and  even the bonus of being a leap year.

Our volunteers have been working hard to feed our people and it now takes two people to do the food shopping twice a week.  We are feeding breakfast to an average of 60 or more people on Monday thru Friday.  We had a nice donation of socks, gloves, men’s underwear and wool yarn so that sweaters or scarves can be made. 

Soup Kitchen

Often this is the only meal of their day

We are so amazed by the changes of the people who come to eat.  In the beginning a year ago October they were not very social with each other and some would not sit at a table with other people. 

Self esteem has really surfaced with communication and much happiness.  We have exercise dancing before breakfast, change of clothes with showers, doctor visits and whatever we can do to make their life better.

We did have a team of volunteer doctors that visited from Quito and checked close to 90 people.  A record was made as to the health status of each person.  One of our volunteers took a photo of each individual and we will compile a medical report with a photo  of each person to be attached to the report.  This is progress…….

At  this time we require funds for purchasing the daily food – cost is $600 or more a month.  

A small donation makes a BIG difference to these old folks…

Care to Make a Contribution Now?


Also, for some of our Indigenous we need several hundred dollars to buy their ethnic clothing – we still have some people without a change of clothing. 

We are looking at buildings for the future but nothing that meets our requirements to serve in one building.

New Goals on the Horizon

A building large enough to have a small shelter, kitchen to serve two meals a day and a small clinic for visiting doctors to serve the people

Many of you have been very generous in helping and this is deeply appreciated.  Your support is needed to continue. 

A little note that will warm your heart…

We had a family from the States last summer that spent a month in Cotacachi.  Their two daughters 6 and 8 pitched right in every morning from 7:30 to 8:30 am.  Each decided that on their birthdays in lieu of gifts, they wanted donations for our food kitchen.  Both girls have followed through and did this on their birthdays. 

What a Blessing from these young people and they look forward to returning this summer with Mom and Dad when school is out. 

These are recent photos of the people eating breakfast and receiving a gift of socks & gloves and miscellaneous items.    

As always, 

Micky Enright
Founder – Ecuador Project Hope

You can make a difference…


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