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Moving forward in our mission to help those in need by feeding the forgotten old folks in Cotacachi has it’s challenges.  However progress is being made…

We found a building in town that will meet our needs to better serve the poor elderly . Two large rooms are available. The main room will have a kitchen, large serving area for meals and two showers. The people will be able to stay after breakfast and work on crafts that they can sell and earn personal money for necessities.

The second room will be used for volunteer medical care and a small office. There is also a garden area for our elderly to relax and enjoy. The rooms are being donated and our expenses will be to pay for water, electric and propane gas for hot water.

New Building

These rooms are in desperate need of work before they can be used…

The Missing Link – Funding

Of course we need funds to complete a kitchen, add two showers and set up a medical area.

Ecuador Project Hope is investing $2,000 to start the construction in the kitchen and to add the showers. Still needed are chairs for 60 people to eat (we have tables). A two or 3 burner commercial stove for making the collada – a hot drink made with milk, sugar, grains and spices – an Indigenous tradition.

Our New Soup Kitchen

Exterior of the building for the new soup kitchen

Fortunately, we have a standard stove for baking and a normal size refrigerator. The two units need to be painted and we need additional electric outlets.  The medical room will need a locked storage cabinet for medicines. Examination table, desk and sitting area for the patients.

We have volunteer doctors ready to help. A group of dentists from Quito would like to visit and check our people for mouth diseases or false teeth.

We hope to get someone for eyes since many of the elderly have cataracts needing attention.

There will be a name change in Spanish, Kichwa and English: ‘PLACE OF HOPE’ – a large sign will be made to put on the building.

We are able to stay at our present location until we are ready to make a move to the new location. We are truly being blessed and able to move forward to serve those in need.

We Are Grateful You Care to Help

Ecuador Project Hope is very thankful for all the funding and volunteer service you have contributed in the past. We are hopeful you will be able to continue to help with your donations. Every donation is a precious gift, regardless of the amount.  Even a small donation helps in meeting the needs of these undernourished elderly folks.

Remember, we take no administrative fees and every dollar goes to the food kitchen. We are all dedicated volunteers to serve. Our gratitude for your help is constant.

Many thanks for your continued support!
Blessings, Micky Enright
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

We have provided service in Cotacachi for the past 6 years including remodelling Indigenous pre-schools.  Ecuador Project Hope operates under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation (non-profit) located in Florida. 

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The Gratitude Expressed by these Elderly Folks is Heart Warming

Soup Kitchen

Care to Make a Contribution Now?


Thank you!

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