Thanksgiving, Generosity and Significance

Hatu Mikiu Food Kitchen

Hatu Mikiu is Kichwa come and eat…                    

Soup Kitchen

Thanksgiving is approaching for our many North American friends as a day of being thankful for the abundance of Mother Earth.  A time for reminiscing of days gone by and memories.   Enjoy this day with family and friends in gratitude for your Blessings.

Soup KitchenAlso a time to remember our less fortunate all over the world and even in your home town.  Our food kitchen is expanding and the number of elderly poor, street people and other people in need is increasing.  We started out feeding 25 to 30 people breakfast but have increased to 65 most days.  Breakfast is served Monday thru Friday 8-9 am.

We offer medical care on Wednesday mornings and can take up to 4 people for this service.  Thursdays is hot shower day and a fresh change of clothes.  Many of these people bathe in the rivers or wherever they can find water.  We have a volunteer who is shampooing hair (some have head lice) and also cutting over grown fingernails and toenails.  Not a very pleasant job but a job of love. 

Soup KitchenThe gratitude of these people brings tears to the eyes of our volunteers.  Some of these people sleep wherever they can find a spot, some have a roof over their head but no running water and cook on an open fire if they are fortunate enough to have food for another meal that day.

Our present donated space has the possibility of not being available come May of 2016.   A proforma is being prepared to outline our future goals and the funds needed to keep the Hatu Mikiu food  active to serve these unfortunate people.   Future release is by the end of this year.

What You Can Do To Help…

We will be celebrating Christmas on December 7th in our present building  through the generosity of a Missionary who will be transferred to another country in June.   This Missionary has been in Ecuador for a number of years and is married to an Ecuadorian woman and they have 4 children.  For Christmas he brings the poor down from the mountains by vans and people donate their time to do this. 

We expect about 140 people to celebrate with us and to serve them a hot meal, a little gift and a small bag of treats consisting of their traditional cookies (similar to our animal cookies) and a little candy.  We want to prepare a beautiful day for them and serve a hot meal consisting of chicken, potatoes, salad, fruit drink and a dessert. 

We need your help to offer this meal and a small gift to these forgotten folks.  We have volunteers to prepare the food but need the funds to serve 140 people.  

Photos from this occasion will be posted on our Ecuador Project Hope website. 

Care to Make a Contribution Now?


You Make THE Difference

Thank You!  Your past generosity has brought us this far over the last one and one half years  and we are asking for your help again to continue this much needed project.  There are no administration fees and all donations go directly to the kitchen. 

As many of you are aware, I have lived in Cotacachi, Ecuador for 5 years and completed other meaningful projects in the past with schools for Indigenous  children under the age of 5.

These projects were completed through your generous donations. Thank you!  I couldn’t do it without you…

Ecuador Project Hope is under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation – a non- profit organization located  in Naples, Florida. 

Wishing you many Blessings,
Micky Enright, Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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