Gratitude and Christmas Plans

Hatu Mikui

Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen Update    October 2015

We at Hatu Mikui have just celebrated our first anniversary for feeding the poor elderly.   The number of people in need of breakfast is increasing.  We have been very successful in offering showers and a change of clothes to these elderly poor.  The joy expressed and gratitude is overwhelming with our volunteers.  Many hugs and tears are shared. 

As time goes on and trust builds, many are telling us their story as to how they now live in poverty.  One of my friends who is great with the camera plans to do a video of those people that would like to tell their story and it will be translated in to English.  We hope to release it and share with you these stories before the Christmas Holidays.

Gratitude for Your Overwhelming Generosity 

Before going to Florida in September, I emailed many donors who live in the States to send donations to my daughters for me to bring back to Cotacachi.  WOW – the response was overwhelming, and my thanks go out to you all. My daughters returned with me as we had 8 suitcases each weighing 50 pounds. 

Included were handmade warm hats and scarves, men and women’s clothing, school supplies and children’s books.  We received medical supplies, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, gauze, bandages and vitamins.  Also a friend who is an MD donated a blood analysis machine with slides, etc.  We are very grateful for the generosity of these friends of Ecuador Project Hope.

Our goal is to have a small medical clinic as we have several doctors who are willing to donate some time and check these forgotten people.  Our acupuncture, chiropractic and therapeutic massage Doctor has been donating one morning a week in providing medical service to improve their lives. Many have spinal problems and the adjustments do reduce pain.    Once we have a room for a small clinic we will be able to provide a volunteer MD and a Naturopath Doctor to help increase the quality of their life as they age.

Christmas Celebration Plans

December 7th will be our Christmas celebration.  We plan to serve a special meal along with a small gift for each person – donated warm hats, scarves and hopefully warm sweaters to provide warmth during our winter season. The Pastor, who is allowing us to use his kitchen and eating room, along with the hot showers wants us to share a memorable Christmas with the poor.  He is providing transportation to bring approximately 70 poor people down from the Indigenous villages to share a meal on December 7th for our Christmas celebration. 

We will be packaging small bags of traditional cookies (similar to the US animal crackers) with some candies.    We are celebrating early, as it is too difficult to get enough volunteers to serve Christmas week.  The menu will be a piece of chicken, boiled potatoes and a vegetable.  Our volunteers will bake cookies and cakes as a special treat.

I am appealing for a financial donation to help with the costs of this Christmas celebration, or if you are in this area please consider giving a helping hand.  Only with your help can we celebrate Christmas and serve these needy people.   We expect approximately 130 people and it could be more, including some children.

Your past support of Hatu Mikiu soup kitchen is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your continued donations of time or funds.

In gratitude, 
Micky Enright
Founder: Ecuador Project Hope

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