October Update 2017 – A Fruitful Month

Ecuador Project Hope

September has been a wonderful month in serving our poor elderly and anyone in need.

We managed a couple of surprises for the enjoyment of our less fortunate.   One of our volunteers arranged for a movie to be shown at Place of Hope on September 14th after breakfast – Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid”. We had 63 people for the movie and it was a great time for them to laugh and communicate with each other.

Many of our elderly are mute and they enjoyed this silent movie as it told a story. Some of these people had never seen a movie. As they left our kitchen, they were so appreciative and filled with joy for the experience.

Ecuador Project Hope

Enjoying “The Kid” with Charlie Chaplin

Ecuador Project Hope

On September 19th, two local Ecuadorian female guitar players entertained during breakfast at 8:00am, much to the surprise of our elderly. Ecuadorian music was totally enjoyed and appreciated.   Much love was shown to our guitar players.

Ecuador Project Hope

On September 30th we had a Minga. This is when our volunteers and people who are served join us in a clean-up party for our buildings and grounds. One of our volunteers supplied mops, buckets, ladders and a pressure cleaner. Our volunteer women and men climbed on the high ladders, scraped and cleaned windows in both buildings. After much work cleaning, the buildings look great.

Enjoy the photos of the Minga:

Fourteen of our people who are served breakfast arrived to give a hand. They weeded our flower beds and worked in the field with hoes and machetes to clear the tall brush. We had a sprinkling of rain and it was cloudy for part of the day but the Spirit of everyone involved remained high. Everyone worked from 7am until 12:30 and then were served a hot lunch.

Our two wonderful Indigenous cooks prepared chicken, rice and an Ecuadorian potato salad. Volunteers provided desserts and drinks.   Our Indigenous who are served breakfast and joined us for the Minga were given a carry-out container filled to capacity as a thank you for their help. Several of our people live in the woods and this was a special treat.

Next weekend an Ecuadorian with a cow and plow plans to prepare a small area for us to plant a garden. The people we feed, who are able, will take care of the garden as this is something they enjoy and it is part of their culture.

Thursdays is shower day and we gave 16 showers last Thursday with a change of clothes for those in need. A special person from CA volunteered for one month and came every day to our kitchen. He helped with breakfast and clean-up. On Thursdays, after showers, he shaved and pampered some of our men. After the shave they had lotions put on their faces and he put lotion on their feet. What a Blessing and Love.   We look forward to his return.

I am so proud of our TEAM at Place of Hope and all that they do to serve.

Holidays are not too far away and we will have a Christmas Party for our people that we serve. It will be a special day with a breakfast, bags of traditional cookies similar to our animal cookies, and a piece of chocolate which is customary. We do not turn anyone away and usually have over 100 people. Our two guitar players plan to perform as an extra treat.

We look forward to your support in continuing this tradition and paying our monthly food bills and other expenses that surface. We also help with medical needs and dental problems as they arise.

Your donations and our raffles keep us supplied with the necessary funds. Yes, we have a dream to have a shelter for those living in the woods and a caretaker. God will move us to wherever we are to be…

As I have mentioned many times, Ecuador Project Hope is a 501(c3) non-profit under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation located in Naples, Fl.

All donations provided are used for Place of Hope. We are all volunteers and receive no administrative fees.  

Again, thank you for your kindness in continuing to support us over the years.

Micky Enright,
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

If you would like to designate your donation to a particular item please indicate.  No donation is too small and deeply appreciated. Tax receipts are available.

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