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Ecuador Project Hope Goals

Ecuador Project Founder – Micky Enright

A new venture is in progress for Ecuador Project Hope.
We have been very fortunate to connect with Unorcac, an Indigenous run facility to help the poor and to empower Indigenous women for a better life. Our project for 2018 is the ongoing development of Hatu Mikui – food for the elderly.

Our plans are to serve breakfast and lunch to people who are screened by the Indigenous helpers as to a name, age and where they are presently living.

Many of the people are mute or cannot communicate and all we can do is give them love and a meal.  These elderly are the forgotten people who live in the woods or sleep wherever they can find a spot.

Survival on the Street

ecuador project hope

Homeless Survival on the Street – Photo by Johan Prozesky

This is a new and much larger journey for Hatuku Mikui,  to feed more needy people breakfast and lunch. We have a very positive environment, working with the Indigenous, Ecuadorians and expats who are now involved  to expand this project  and to serve the elderly  in as many areas as possible.

Your Donations Offer Hope

Your donations have been greatly appreciated. They will enable us to add another kitchen near the carport where we feed these poor elderly.  Our goal is to add the new kitchen, enclose the roof of the  carport and partially enclose the carport for warmth and comfort.

Our ongoing goal is to help these forgotten, elderly folks experience some of the basic everyday comforts that we all take for granted in our lives.

To accomplish that goal we require funding to:

  • Provide food for two hot meals each day – 7 days a week
  • Complete a second kitchen
  • Partially enclose the carport and add a roof
  • We have tables – benches are needed…

The Pre-school Children

For the last 6 years Ecuador Project Hope has helped Indigenous pre-schools by remodelling the schools and providing a safe environment for these children under the age of five.

We are always in need of school supplies and books.  Tennis shoes are also needed, as they are quite expensive to buy here in Ecuador.  Any type of clothing for children is always welcome

In the past, these items have been brought to Ecuador by people visiting and by those making special trips to Cotacachi to help with our projects. Their generosity has made a BIG difference in the lives of these little tykes.

How We Apply Your Contributions

All donations are applied directly to the project. No administrative fees or salaries are taken from your contributions. So you are assured your donations reach those in need of help.

Thank you for caring to contribute!

In Gratitude,
– Micky Enright