Easter Festivities at Place of Hope – 2019

Place of Hope celebrated with a traditional soup called Fanesca.

It is made with grains and vegetables with 12 ingredients in honor of the twelve Apostles.

Several days before the soup is prepared, our Place of Hope people shucked the corn and beans grown in our field to make the soup. We had some very young children participating in this special Easter Tradition with their grandparent. Easter is an exciting and very important festival in Ecuador.

Some of our people decided to spruce up our property and were removing weeds from our flower beds. Our oldest person is 92 and she was on her hands and knees pulling weeds – what a precious smile she had for the camera.

These people are very grateful for Place of Hope and breakfast five mornings a week. Showers are offered on Thursdays with some new shoes or clothing as needed. We hope to purchase a few more Indigenous outfits with donated funds.

Caring and Sharing

JetBlue Airlines will be delivering donated items from Quito within the near future. We have a new JetBlue contact, Chris, from the San Diego airport. He emailed me and is sending several suitcases of clothing for our thrift store that will arrive in Quito this month. Also my JetBlue contact in Ft. Lauderdale is sending merchandise to Quito. Our wonderful JetBlue crew in Quito will make arrangements to deliver this month.   JetBlue Airlines are very much involved in helping Place of Hope by making donations.

If you remember, we raffled two roundtrip airline tickets in February donated by JetBlue. This raffle produced over $4,000 to Place of Hope. If you have the opportunity to travel on JetBlue it is a great experience. Their airline staff gives wonderful service – and I have been told this from several people. Also, JetBlue is known for its humanitarian work.

Health Volunteers 

Our wonderful Indigenous Doctor and several Nurses treated people this month. He is trained in Western and Chinese Medicine. The people are very fortunate to have this service once a month.  

Another woman who is a Specialist in EcoSana Ecografia (echograms) brings her equipment and checks people that are having stomach pain. She checked one of our Place of Hope people who has gallbladder stones. She received the report and she will take to her medical doctor before treatment. This is a great service for free and we really appreciate this woman who joins us once a month on medical day.

All donations are appreciated, no matter how small.  We appreciate your continued help for Place of Hope.  The people that we serve every day are very grateful for the help we are able to provide them, thanks to your donations.

As always,

Micky Enright, founder of Ecuador Project Hope,

and from our wonderful volunteers

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