Distribution of Children’s Clothing


We had the privilege of distributing clothing and shoes in an Indigenous area to homes that had problems.  Alcoholism is a major problem in some of these communities.  Most of these families have 4 to 6 children who do without shoes and proper clothing.

An Indigenous friend of mine who lives in this village brought me to 5 homes that were in extreme need of clothes and shoes. The living conditions are very primitive and as many as 10 people share a small home. Sometimes no water or electricity is available in their homes.

One family did not want their photo taken as the dad lost his legs and is pushed in a wheelchair. These people still smile and are happy with what they do have.  Another young man was pushing his child in a stroller and had been badly burned on his face.  We were told his wife is blind.  Again, he requested no photo.

The Mothers with alcoholic husbands were very thankful to receive these gifts for their children. We also had some crayons, coloring books and just plain paper but not enough for everyone.

Thank you to the wonderful people that bring items in suitcases for children when visiting Cotacachi. We usually deliver to an Indigenous pre-school for children under the age of 5.  However, schools did not reopen in January, as there were no funds available.  Hopefully they will open this month so that the Mothers can work and help support their families.  This has been a hardship on many of the Indigenous people.

There is much poverty in many of the Indigenous villages and it is impossible to serve all the needs.  All we can do with your help is distribute to the neediest children and see that they can go to school.

Blessings to all of you that have continued to help through Ecuador Project Hope over the years and continue to give financially or by bringing  clothing, shoes and school supplies in suitcases.

As  always

Micky Enright    Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

PS   Our soup kitchen Hatu Mikui is doing well and funds are also used for the purchase of food on a daily basis – Monday to Friday.  We are serving breakfast to 40 to 60 people.  Food costs are running around $500 per month so we are always in need of funds.  Again, thank you for your continued help.

The volunteers are doing a great job in feeding and caring for these elderly forgotten people.

Micky Enright

Founder, Ecuador Project Hope
Email: mickyenright@gmail.com

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