Pre-School Roof Ready To Collapse

A near Catastrophe has been prevented at Morales Chupa Indigenous Pre-School.

We removed the roof on the school March 26th.  Sad to say, the roof was ready to collapse and all the wood beams for the roof are destroyed with termites… not a pretty sight!

morales chupa preschool roof

Morales Chupa Dilapitated Roof

The 21 pre-school children between the ages of 6 months and 4 ½ years old were moved to another building for their safety.

Mattresses Replaces Desks

They are sitting on mattresses in two small rooms and do not have access to their normal school environment and this is extremely upsetting to them… as you can imagine.

Ecuador Project Hope is a small group of people doing big things for the Indigenous preschools with your support.

Donated funds for this project are short $3,000 because of the additional cost to replace the roof and all the destroyed wood and ceiling.

We need to get the children back in their classroom as soon as possible. And we need your help!

Here is a list of the building materials that we need. 

  • Treated lumber for the roof, rafters, beams and ridge poles. We are saving as many roof tiles possible and will replace new where needed.
  • New electric boxes and wiring for electricity. There is one light in the kitchen with open wires. See the photo
  • A bathroom with drainage system and water lines.
  • Two small sinks and a toilet.
  • Divider walls for the two classrooms to be made of concrete blocks (500) that will support the new roof.
  • Replace broken windows
  • Install a new front door.
  • Paint for the interior and exterior.

With enough donations we can do a large concrete patio in front of the school.  The outside area is dirt and with our heavy rains it becomes mud.  We are in need of concrete, sand and rocks.

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The ‘good news’ is that the community will do most of the work when they have the materials.

I have a wonderful group of Indigenous workers under the direction of a Maestro (superintendent).  Our labor is very inexpensive.  Labor for 3 weeks, 3 men working and provided lunch at the cost of $1,140 for the entire 3 weeks.  You heard me right – compare that price to the US or Canada.

Ecuador Project Hope has 50% of the money to complete this school.  No matter how small your donation a $1.00 goes a long ways in accomplishing the completion of a school.    Please join us on this journey.  We will give a weekly report with photos showing our progress.

You’ve seen the pictures revealing the dire need for improved facilities and may be able to imagine our kids attending the same pre school.  And we know how all of us take our standard of living for granted – Well…

Just picture how exciting it will be for these young children to have a great learning environment. What a contrast to what they have now.

Here’s how you can help right now:

Click on the PayPal button and make a donation in whatever way you can today.   You will help change how these children live and learn in the high country of Ecuador. No matter how small your donation… it will be highly valued by these children.  And you know you will have changed how they are able to experience their younger years because you chose to care.  Thank YOU!

YOU can make a difference… Choose to get involved now!

We are currently accepting Donations of Products or Funds to help Morales Chupa Indigenous Pre-School become operational again for these precious little tykes.

You can make contributions by CHECKS payable to: Ecuador Project Hope, 2316 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, Florida 34109 USA

OR easier still… hit the quick, safe and efficient “Donate Button” to complete your transaction with PayPal or Credit Card.

For More Information Please Contact:

Click Here To Watch A Short Slide Show With More Photos


– Micky Enright – Ecuador Project Hope Founder

P.S.  If you prefer you can also watch it on here YouTube.


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