Cotacachi School Progress – WOW!

New Happenings At Our Cotacachi School

April 2010

I have not visited the school since July of 2009 – and all I can say is WOW.

My good friends Jack and Eileen from Florida transported 3 boxes of school supplies in their container that was headed for Cotacachi and arrived last December.

My trip this April was a whirlwind with the first time medical mission and getting to the school to distribute supplies and to see the progress of repairs in making this a safe, healthy environment for these pre-school children.

Jack, Nurse Josie and I arrived by taxi early on a Monday morning. The children came scampering out of the classroom to greet us and very excited about what was in these large boxes. Toy telephones, wooden puzzles, stickers, blocks and books were overwhelming for these indigenous children. Such fun and heart warming.


One of the Mothers was cooking breakfast for the children in the little kitchen. The area where they eat their meals is in very bad shape, dirt floor, damp, no electricity; however, the wiring is in the wall for the future when we have more money.

I was taken upstairs to the two classrooms.  This was unbelievable. New picture size windows to let the sun enter. No GLASS – but protected with metal bars so no one can get hurt. Hope to raise money for plexi-glass or glass so the wind and rain cannot enter.

The children had many pictures that they drew and were hanging on the walls. These are now colorful rooms that add a lot of joy to these young children. We would like to add large blackboards on the walls for future learning.Classroom

The headmistress Elena and the male teacher were very proud as they took me around. Many hugs and much gratitude – it was hard not to shed a tear.Workcrew

The parents also made a commitment to paint the outside of the school as soon as the rainy season is over. Again, we need money for the paint.

The tile roof was a large expense because many of the wooden beams had deteriorated and much work had to be done before adding new tiles. Also the Ecuadorian engineer extended the roof over the walkway going into the classroom.

Mr. Granga is very generous with his people and continued doing work even though we were out of funds. Costs went way over what was estimated because of the roof.

So… if you have it in your heart to donate towards these schools to finish the major improvements, it will be deeply appreciated by the parents and children and it will certainly make a difference in their lives.

These urgent projects are awaiting new funding:

  • Electricity in the lower level.
  • Add a decent floor, so the children have a clean eating area.
  • Paint for the exterior to repel the weather and improve the buildings.
  • Bathrooms – basic facilities and personal hygiene are a priority.

These parents are very hardworking and not asking for a handout but for a hand up.

Why not join me this summer on tour and get involved… You’ll find it very rewarding and joyful for the heart.

Colloge of activity

We’d love to have you with us. It will be a life changing experience… not only for the children, but for you too.

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