Mother’s Day at the Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen

Hatu Mikui Soup Kitchen

A wonderful Mother’s Day celebration was held for our forgotten elderly  people.  A local florist made small corsages and another volunteer made a delicious cake to add for our special breakfast created by our volunteers. 

A fiesta was enjoyed by all to the point of being overwhelming for some of our elderly.  Who knows if they ever received a corsage in the past.

Unorcac/Jambi – Ecuador Project Hope 

The land has been cleared for the addition of a larger kitchen to better serve our people.  Unorcac/Jambi  composed of  our Indigenous  people, who have welcomed us as part of their organization, will be involved in building this kitchen.  They are handling the permits and the construction with the men who will come down from their villages to build. 

We have to pay for the materials and a small wage for them to help us. Please remember, these men are not in a position to volunteer as they have families to support.  Cotacachi has approximately 45 Indigenous villages that surround us in this canton.

DONATIONS REQUIRED:    Ecuador Project Hope will donate $5,000 for this project and Unorcac/Jambi  will donate funds so we are working as a team.  When I have a sketch from the architect I will forward in another email.

Temporary Relocation During New Construction

We are moving our breakfast people on May 18 to a new location just down the street from our original location.  A local Pastor is helping us.  He has put up a large tent and we have total use of the kitchen and utensils.  There are bathrooms and showers.  This is temporary for 3 or 4 months until our kitchen is built. 

We are feeding from 35 to 50 people breakfast 5 days a week. Also send some carry out for disabled people that cannot come the distance to eat.  For some of these people it is the only meal of the day.  The cost is running close to $600 per month.  Normal breakfast is a hard boiled egg, bread, fruit, cheese and a nutritious hot drink.

The volunteers  are wonderful and sometimes bring extra food that they have prepared in their homes.  This gives some variety .

The people have learned to socialize with one another in Spanish or Kichua – several are mute but enjoy being  together.  At least 4 of these people live on the street and sleep wherever possible.

New Plans to Supply Working Clothing 

We are working on a situation to provide a change of clothing for the Indigenous women who wear their traditional clothing.  Magdalena who is head of Unorcac/Jambi hope to provide us with some used traditional clothing.  We are supplying used jeans and long pants plus used tops for the Indigenous to wear in the farm fields in their villages.  This way they can trade clothing with us.  This is a new experiment and will keep you updated.

We hope to start a project of supplying these elderly with yarn, knitting  needles and crochet hooks.  I am sure many are very talented.  We have been offered a table once a month – something like a garage sale in the States – and they could earn a little money selling whatever they make. 

What New Ideas do You Have to Share?

Does anyone have an idea for the men to make something that they could sell?  Do not want them to be involved with carving.  Appreciate any ideas.

Also, some of these people need medical attention and we have arranged with a Doctor to see a couple of people once a week.

When you preview the Mother’s Day photos you will have a better understanding as to how important this project is. 

Thank you for your continued support. Even a small contribution makes a BIG difference in the lives of these elderly folks.

Micky EnrightBlessings,

Micky Enright

Founder of Project Hope
Under the Guidelines of Global Help Foundation

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