Clinic Approved For Dr. Vaca

Dr. Fabian Vaca has been approved by the Ecuadorian government to open an indigenous clinic in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

I met Dr. Vaca 2 years ago when I stayed at the El Meson hotel. A guest was not feeling well and he was called to evaluate this person. We had a conversation in the dining area and I was very impressed with his dedication as a doctor to the poor indigenous people living in Cotacachi.

Dr. Vaca lives very modestly and is Ecuadorian… and at the time of this post… he would like to have a small clinic to serve the poor along with his regular practice. He presently visits several villages on a restricted basis, only because he currently has a limited supply of meds and equipment.

EcuadorProjectHope-DrVacaThere is no money to rent space or build a small clinic. It appears that the local government would help by donating land – but again no money for a building. In addition to that… a clinic would require a paid nurse to assist him.

Some medicines have been donated for adults but nothing for the children. They are in need of exams, vitamins, etc. Dr. Vaca also needs additional medical equipment. Donated medicines and supplies are carried by people traveling to Ecuador to help out and see the country. Shipping does not work well…..

Dr. Vaca is a General practitioner and also spent some years in the former Soviet Union for additional training. He also speaks Russian, not much English. I do have access to translators. He is good natured and reminds me of Robin Williams.

If you have any ideas to help us out, I would appreciate hearing from you. You can email me at:

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