Christmas Surprise for 85 Children

Would you believe that one donor from Paris, France is providing new shoes for our young Indigenous children. My associate Yolanda made this possible.

My North American friends living in Cotacachi will help to distribute these shoes and small bags of candy for these precious children.  I am sure that many of these children never had a brand new pair of leather shoes.  The toddler shoes are orthopedic .  The shoes came from a factory in Quito and they discounted the prices.

We will visit 3 different schools on December 20, 21 and 22.  The teachers for the three schools provided us with names and shoe sizes of all the children.  Miracles do happen and Ecuador Project Hope is very grateful.

Morales Chupa School is our next project for 2012.  The school is in very bad condition and serves 21 young children under the age of 5.  The little nursery area has 5 babies under 6 months old.  No little toys for these little ones or an appealing nursery area.

We recently added a refrigerator to the small kitchen – teachers were taking perishables home each day and returning them on the following day.

We recently had some donated books and toys that we delivered in October – see more here.

At this time we are very low on funds to remodel this school.  The roof is the main concern as it is very weak and the rain pours into the classroom and kitchen.  There is a small building on the grounds that will accommodate the children during construction.

I know this time of year is very stressful for many people with other obligations.  A small donation goes a long way in repairing a school.  The community will do “Mingas” that saves on paid construction workers.  We have a volunteer to oversee the work.

If in giving a donation you would like to specify how it should be used in this construction we will follow your instructions.   To begin with, we need a new roof, a bathroom, room dividers for the classrooms, tile on the floors, tables and chairs, nursery area to meet the needs of the babies and a new front door that we can secure.

If you find it in your heart to help us, donations can be made through Paypal or sent to my Po box in Naples, FL.  Micky Enright , Ecuador Project Hope, 2316 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34109

Wishing you many blessings through the Holidays and into 2012.

YOU can make a difference… Choose to get involved now! We are currently accepting Donations of Products or Funds to help meet our 2011 goals and prepare for 2012.

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– Micky

P.S.  Agualongo School many of you supported over the last few years.  We will be delivering shoes and a bookcase filled with books on Dec. 22nd donated by the family of a deceased friend.  John was Santa Claus last Christmas.  The school is finished and I will be taking photos on the 22nd for my website.  Again, thank you for your help.


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