Our Christmas Celebration Plans

December 16 – 10:00 am to Noon

December updatesMerry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Wonderful Holidays.  We are preparing for a Festive Christmas Celebration to serve our poor elderly a special meal and a  little gift of traditional cookies (like US animal cookies) and some candies in a pre-packaged bag. 

Our volunteers have made a meal plan to serve chicken, rice, potatoes, fruit salad and dessert.  Fruit juice to drink.

Food KitchenChicken – 30 chickens are being purchased and will be roasted and cut into portions to possibly serve up to  150 people    Two volunteers have taken on this task

Potatoes and rice –  being prepared by our two indigenous cooks – they are purchasing 50 pounds of potatoes and 50 pounds of rice

Fruit salad being prepared by another volunteer

Desserts –  6 banana breads and another dessert being donated from two of our volunteers.  We will be asking for more dessert donations as we most likely need for 150 people or less

Traditional  gift bags will be filled on December 14.  For many of our people, this is the only Christmas gift that they will receive.

Many of you have helped us in the past by giving financial donations to keep this food kitchen working.  Again we are appealing  to you for your generosity  this time of year.  No amount is too small and deeply appreciated.  

If you live in Cotacachi and would like to volunteer please contact me.

My Florida Trip News

I was in FL recently and brought back items that we can sell on Thursdays at a small local establishment.  We had our first sale on December 1st and sold  $180 of goodies that netted a profit of  $85.  Some of the items were donated and others purchased at a resale shop for a nominal fee. We will sell on Thursdays thru the month of December. 

I also returned with vitamins, some medications from a generous medical doctor, new underwear and socks for our men, some used clothing that will be distributed after showers  for both men and women.  Some friends in FL made the purchases possible by donating funds and clothing. 

I brought handmade items that our indigenous people made and sold quite a few.  The funds went directly to the person who made the items.  Our two cooks received $130 for their items that sold.  You will see a photo attached of what is still available.  It will be sent to from FL.  Large Afghan $60, two sets of scarves $20 a set, colorful doilie $10, large doilie with indigenous figures on the border $15, .  Postage to be added to the cost of the item. 

For your convenience… you may send a check to my daughters and they will do the mailing from Florida.

Our Current Activities

At present our food bill for the month is $600 but slowly increasing.  We are serving breakfast from 55 to 65 people on Monday thru Friday.  Breakfast consists of scrambled eggs with veggies two times a week and then hardboiled eggs on the other days.  They receive a bread roll, piece of cheese and fresh fruit.  A hot drink called colada is served daily and very nutritious. 

We have been given a second building to accommodate local medical doctors to check  our people several times a month.  Nutrition is a main problem and they are given vitamins daily with their breakfast.  Also the usual aches and pains that the elderly suffer are being treated by our volunteer doctors. 

If you are coming from the US we are in need of vitamins and over the counter items for pain. If you like to help out by bring some of these supplies please contact me:

Contact Micky

A Place of Hope – Looking Ahead 

The next update for January will include photos of our Christmas party and any other additional news. 
hank you for your help which is deeply appreciated. 

Wishing many Blessings now and through 2017,
Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

Ecuador Project Hope
Ecuador Project Hope is operated under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation a non-profit located in Naples, Florida

If you would like to designate your donation to a particular item please indicate.  No donation is too small and deeply appreciated. Tax receipts are available.

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josie December 7, 2016


Be healthy, my hugs to you and prayers for continuing the road to success in helping the wonderful people of Cotacachi. I will be in
Florida for 3 weeks. Pam and i will in a Western Caribbean cruise

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.



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