Celebrating Christmas in Cotacachi

Place of Hope Celebration

We were honored to share Christmas joy with the Indigenous in a special traditional celebration.  We are grateful to Videographer, Joel Kaplan for capturing and producing this precious memory on video for all of us to enjoy.  And a special thank-you to our volunteers for your ongoing support.

The Shaman and musicians spoke in Kichwa, the language spoken by many of our breakfast people. Guests and friends of Place of Hope enjoyed this special celebration. The Shaman’s Blessing honored Mother Earth and asked for an abundant harvest.  Mama Juana blessed individuals for health and long life.  

Immerse yourself in the culture of Cotacachi for a few minutes. Click the play button to watch the video now.  Turn your speakers on first…


Thank You Jet Blue for Your Generosity!

JetBlue Airlines donated 2 sets of round trip airline tickets for a raffle to support Place of Hope. Four people can travel on these tickets, which will expire in November 2019. This is our main fundraising event and tickets are still available for the draw on February 28, 2019.

Jet Blue Team

The Awesome Jet Blue Team with Micky on Location

Enter to Win!

Find out all the details about the Raffle for Jet Blue Tickets by clicking the button below.

Thank you for supporting Place of Hope!

The Place of Hope Team and Micky
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope


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