An Exciting Summer Ahead – 2019

Ecuador Project Hope

June 2019  

It’s been another exciting month to share with you.  This is being sent out a little early as there will be some wonderful happenings within the next couple of months.

Advance Notices…

Moving forward, our annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser will be held on Saturday, August 10th.  Please mark your calendar for a wonderful pancake breakfast with all the trimmings. Many of you enjoyed this last year and have been asking for a date this year. Our volunteers will be distributing flyers.  It will be announced where you can pick up your entrance ticket in advance.

There will be prizes to raffle.  If you would like to donate something special that would be great.  TIME BAND will be performing for your enjoyment under the leadership of John Trainor, who can really roll those drums. We will keep you updated in July.  Plan to enjoy your breakfast at our covered tent with comfortable chairs and tables.


And there’s more…

JetBlue Airlines is donating two round trip tickets good for four people to travel.  Details will be announced at the Pancake Breakfast.  Another wonderful fundraiser to win a travel airline ticket that will be good for a year. Raffle tickets will be available to purchase sometime in August.  The Raffle drawing will take place in September.  JetBlue has added another opportunity for the winners to travel. There will be three choices of round-trip routes (each can begin travel in either direction).

  • Quito to Ft. Lauderdale
  • Guayaquil to Ft. Lauderdale
  • Guayaquil to New York

June Events at Place of Hope

JetBlue Airlines people arrived at Place of Hope on June 7th in a large van coming from the Quito Airport. 

They brought medical supplies, walkers, walking canes and many eyeglasses for our Doctor to distribute on his next visit.

There were suitcases of clothing that came from Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego, and Quito.  Our thrift store is still unloading suitcases! Whatever our people at Place of Hope can use will be sent there and put in our bodega.

Our JetBlue team and some of our volunteers enjoyed a late breakfast at the Coo Coo’s Nest in the Solid Rock Plaza. 

The JetBlue team had not seen our thrift store in the Solid Rock Plaza.  JetBlue Airlines has been very generous in supporting Place of Hope. 

It was a fun morning for all of us.

From the Garden…

Shucking corn and how it will be used. Our breakfast people have spent time preparing this corn to make flour to add to our hot colada drink for breakfast.

Our wonderful cooks, mother Panchita and daughter Salome are taking the kernels of corn home and roasting them. The next process will be grinding it into flour. It’s a lot of work to prepare but a nutritious drink for our elderly’s breakfast at Place of Hope.

Our garden has been doing well and the vegetables are used in scrambled eggs.

Caring for our People…

The medical visit was on May 30th.  Dr. Patricio is trained in Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine. Our medical staff served at least 20 people or more. We had a young mother with her two young children that the doctor checked. They are undernourished and needed some vitamins.  If you are coming from the States, we always have special needs for vitamins.

Please email to let me know.

Thank you for your continued support in helping Place of Hope, and our poor elderly people. If you are coming from the States, please let us know if you are willing to bring any items that we need.

As always,

Micky Enright – Founder of Place of Hope

And our Volunteers

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