AMI – Home for Abused and Neglected Children: June 2014 Update

I was in Florida for the month of May and brought back forty pounds of donated clothing for the children.  The box was mailed to my daughter in Florida by a woman who loves young children.  What a wonderful gift of LOVE.

I visited AMI on June 2nd and delivered the clothing.  I felt so much gratitude for this donation as children’s clothing is more expensive in Ecuador compared to the US.  If you are coming for a visit and could bring a suitcase of clothing and shoes, it would be much appreciated.  I can send you details of what is needed.

At this time they are caring for 12 children under the age of 4.   Five of these children are from 3 months to 8 months and need special care because of their previous neglect and abuse.  The youngest baby girl was left in the hospital after birth with medical problems and in need of oxygen.  The mother was very young and ashamed to have her family know that she was pregnant.

Another child who is 26 months old is blind.  She was born with sight, but hit in the face and lost her sight.  We are hoping to have a specialist evaluate her if there is any chance to regain her ability to see.

The people in charge are Etienne and Maria.  They have been caring for abused young children for over  11 years.  They moved from the Quito area to Cotacachi 3 years ago.   They are very well organized and depend on donations to cover their expenses. This is a carefully equipped home, accommodating children ages 0 to 4 who have been abandoned or abused, are orphans, and who have different abilities.

This is a calm, safe environment where they are respected, accepted, and loved.  These young children will have a chance for a better life with this loving care.

The main objective always is to get them back with their family if possible.  A Social Worker visits often and evaluates.  I was told today of a family with 4 children and a handicapped 9 year old who needs medical care.  They receive $50 a month from the government and earn $100 a month working in medial jobs. They also need help with food and clothing.  AMI is helping in small ways for their daily survival.  This is only one story.

One of the main needs at this time is formula for the 4 babies.  Cost for 12 cans of powdered milk is $150.  Funds are needed to buy food and cleaning supplies several times a month and it is very difficult to keep an income flow.  To help with finances, they built a small movie theatre on the property and show classical films.  The collected funds are used for to support and care for the children.

Please visit the AMI website for more information:

You can make donations through and our PayPal account.

Please review the previous email that went out in March 2014.

Thank you for your help and it is deeply appreciated.  Children are the future and you can change their lives if they are given a chance.


Micky Enright

Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

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