AMI Home for Abused and Neglected Children

I visited AMI this week with a couple from the US who brought a large suitcase filled with clothing, stuffed animals and shoes for the children.  The people in charge of this organization were very grateful.  They are serving 11 children under the age of 4 and have a new arrival coming within the next few days.

This little one was born to a very young mother who did not want a baby. He was born pre-mature and requires oxygen.  He is a new born and is in the hospital for a few days to be stabilized.  What a challenge for these loving people and caretakers for his survival.

AMI is running low on formula as they have 3 very young babies.  Through you donations I am able to pick up formula this week – cost is $15 a can and I will purchase 12 cans.  They gave me a list of food items that they purchase every week.  Another list is purchased every two weeks for cleaning supplies.  All the housing and grounds are immaculate.

Please check to read about this organization.  Also my website has a previous story.

Your donations will be deeply appreciated and used towards feeding the children and the caretakers, who put in long hours – much more than an 8 hour day and the work is 7 days a week.

In the previous story I asked for new clothing to be shipped to Florida that I will bring back in suitcases for the children.  A woman I do not know is sending two large boxes of clothing and said she had so much fun shopping.  What a blessing and so many people want to be involved.

Whatever your comfort zone is – it is deeply appreciated.

As you are aware, Ecuador Project Hope is a small foundation and all donations go directly to the cause.

Wishing you many Blessings,

Micky Enright
Founder of Ecuador Project Hope


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