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Morales Chupa School Renovation Progress

I visited the Morales Chupa School on May 21, 2012 and was thrilled by the progress.

The roof has been completed but the interior needs updating since the roof was replaced.  The old tile was used as a base for the new tile roof.  We now have electricity in the school.

Thanks to your kind contributions we’ve come a long way since starting this project. Our goal is to help these children experience some of the basics we all take for granted here in our country.

The children are in temporary quarters and very difficult to have classes and a play area.  They are sitting on floor mats for eating and school activities until the interior is completed.

I just returned from FL visiting my family and was loaded down with new toys that my volunteers distributed on May 21st.  Much joy shared with the children and gratitude from the community.  Of course, they want to see their children back in a school environment as soon as possible.

Watch The Short Video I Made For You

Still To Be Completed

  • The interior still needs concrete block dividing walls for 2 classrooms.  These walls will support the roof and beams.
  • The kitchen needs a double sink and storage space for every day cooking for these young children.
  • We need a bathroom consisting of one toilet and a sink for washing hands.  There is space in the building to accomplish.
  • We need a new entrance door that will be secured and locked at night. Interior and exterior needs a fresh coat of paint.
  • A tile floor will add to some warmth and be easier to keep clean for these children.
  • A concrete area outside and a gate to protect the children from getting on the street.  While I was there on the 21st a soccer ball rolled out on to the street and a little one was going after it – no looking for oncoming traffic.

Our Challenge

$1,500 is needed to complete this project.

We anticipated that the donated funds would cover all expenses.  However, prices increased as we discovered some of the construction wood had been eaten by termites and much of it had to be replaced.

As you can see from the photos the school is very bare in the interior but we can make it a great classroom and nursery with your help.

Unfortunately at this time we are without funds to complete this project.

I am appealing for your help in making a donation through PayPal.  Any amount helps us to move forward. We need building materials. Our crew of indigenous workers will return and finish the job when materials are in place.

Please keep in mind…

All of your donations go directly to my school projects and there are no administration fees. Blessings and thank you for contributing to the well being of these children.

If you have not yet had the chance to make a donation… and feel so inspired to do so… now would be a great time to make a donation to help us complete this school for these little tykes.

YOU can make a difference… Choose to get involved now!

We are currently accepting Donations of Products or Funds to help Morales Chupa Indigenous Pre-School become operational again.

You can make contributions by CHECKS payable to: Ecuador Project Hope, 2316 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, Florida 34109 USA

OR easier still… hit the quick, safe and efficient “Donate Button” to complete your transaction with PayPal or Credit Card.

For More Information Please Contact:


– Micky Enright – Ecuador Project Hope Founder

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