Agualongo Preschool Teachers

Chachimbiro Thermal Springs

… with Agualongo Preschool Teachers

by Jennifer Phillips-Rios

We had the opportunity to take the Agualongo Preschool Teachers to the magnificent Chachimbiro Hot Springs last week. It is a place they have only heard of and have never been! Chachimbiro Hot Springs are located just a little over an hour away from Cotacachi!

Amongst local Ecuadorians, it is said that these hot springs have medicinal purposes and guess what? They do! They have high levels of iron chloride and sulphide, copper, fluoride, bromide, and iodine to name a few.*

Chachimbiro1Now what does all of this mean? It means that these elements act as a digestive regulator, stimulate the cardiovascular, diuretic, and nervous systems!* The various pools range anywhere from a cool 86 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit!

Chachimbiro3In addition to the Agualongo Preschool Teachers experimenting with the assortment of pools, they each received a volcanic mud massage! Tatiana and Rosario each had the facial massage while Marcia had the complete body massage! After all the time, hard work and dedication that these three ladies have placed forth to the children ages five and under, they definitely deserve some R&R.

After spending the morning relaxing in the thermal waters, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Chachimbiro Thermal Restaurant for only $5!

This included: a glass of natural juice (babaco), a big bowl of minestrone soup, a choice of steak, chicken, tilapia, or trout ( the entire fish is served), accompanied with rice, salad, and a few potatoes, as well as a bowl of Ecuadorian sorbet to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Subsequently the drive home was quite relaxing and going through Ibarra, a Supermaxi stop has become a tradition to collect groceries that are not accessible in Cotacachi.

All in all a day at the Chachimbiro Thermal Springs results in no more than $30! This includes a private driver, an entrance fee, a full body volcanic massage, and a scrumptious meal with dessert!

*Information about the Chachimbiro Thermals contents provided by Hostería San Francisco.


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